Monday, June 18, 2012


If you just look at the pictures we took, you may think that Sophia went to Arizona by herself! We drove down the day after I got done with school, and stayed for a week. It was so fun, and I'm amazed by how many people we were able to visit in that amount of time.

On Saturday, we went to a party at Mike and Suzy's house for all of the Lee adults. That's where Sophia went swimming:
First interaction with the swimming pool
Once we put her in here, she was pretty content to just chomp on those antennas.
After swimming, we switched over to the hot tub. It was just heating up so we got out before it actually got hot, but it felt like a nice bath. Too bad this is blurry!
Getting all dried off and lounging by the pool
Apparently it's tradition in the Lee family for Grandpa Lee to give babies their first taste of ice cream. Sophia is probably too young for this, but if you know Sophia, you know that she loves food!

On Sunday, we went to church and then went to visit Jim and Lisa's family in the evening:
I never cease to be amazed by the positions this girl likes to sleep in
The events of Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday included a BBQ at Jared and Lil's,  games and dinner with Mike and Will, out to dinner with mom and dad Lee, lunch at Ron and Tamara's house, dinner with Russ's best friend growing up, and lots of reading, relaxing, and playing.
We don't have a highchair at home. Doesn't she look so tiny in it!?
Reading books with Grandma Lee.
On Thursday, we packed up the car and drove out to the "Lee Mountain Home" - which is a cabin in the middle of the woods. Russ absolutely loved it there. He loved the land surrounding it; he loved going for walks; he loved speculating about all the things they could add (namely 4 wheelers); he was in heaven. During our time there, we sat outside on the big deck because the temperature was perfect, watched movies in the evening (because there was no phone or internet to otherwise occupy our time, there were well over 200 movies brought up by one family member or another over the years), and on Friday, we went on a short hike with Russ's mom.
Don't be worried that I'm the one carrying the baby. I opted to her her on the trail down so that Russ had to take her on the trail back up.
She loves being in that front carrier!
She loved this toy. We need to get one. She loved bouncing in it and being able to turn herself around to look at us.
One day during our trip, Sophia suddenly started babbling with multi-syllable "words". After a day or two of that, she started saying, 'Mama". She was talking non-stop of our hike, and we tried to capture some of it:

On Saturday, we drove home. The drive down to Arizona was a grueling 12 hours, which is longer than any baby and parents should be in a car together (according to me), but the drive to the cabin took a couple hours off our trip so the way home was 9 hours and much more pleasant.

We don't know when we'll get back to Arizona again, but we're sure glad we went. It was especially nice to see Russ's parents so soon after returning home from their mission! Sophia warmed up to them and really enjoyed spending time with her Grandma Lee.

PS: Since we've been home, not only has Sophia abandoned her ways of waking up at 6am, but she has been sleeping in every day until at least 8!!


Bonnie and Brian said...

happy trails! what a way to enjoy the summer; glad sophia is sleeping in... B-)

Carson said...

Looks like you had a great time in Arizona. (the other grandma said wistfully...)

The close up pictures of Sophia smiling, as well as the videos, are sooo precious. She's sure a sweet little girl!