Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Babies on Vacation

We've been on vacation visiting Russ's family in Arizona for the past 5. Although we didn't plan anything specific to do down here, we haven't needed to because we've spent every day with at least one different Lee family. It's also been really fun, and I have some pictures, but those are for a different post. What I want to write about for a minute is how difficult it can sometimes be to travel with a baby.

There are obvious things like packing the whole house so that you have everything you might need (and, in our case, still having to go to the store twice to buy things things we left at home), 10+ hours in a carseat, and different schedules. There are also wonderful things, like her meeting her aunts, uncles and cousins, lots of help from Grandma and lots of people to hold her.
"Excuse me mom, I just need to check my facebook."
The first three nights, Sophia got to bed quite late because we were out doing things. During the day she'll miss naps because we are visiting people. Babies may be adaptable in some things, and to be honest, she was still usually in a good mood despite being tired. I think maybe it's harder for me than for her because when we're at home, I am very protective of her nap times. The past 2 nights, we repented and made sure we got her to bed on time.

Now let me get to the real trouble. Either because I'm used to our black-out curtains or because Arizona has no mountains to hide the sun, the first morning Sophia and I both woke up at 5:30. It was so bright outside that I thought it was at least 7. Luckily, we both fell back to sleep for about another hour. Unfortunately, Sophia has been waking up earlier and earlier every morning we've been here. We've put a blanket over the window, but it still gets very light very early. When she wakes me up in the morning, I pray that it's at least 6:30 before I open my eyes (usually it isn't). It doesn't even help for Russ to get up with her because it's so hard for me to fall back to sleep that I may as well be the one to get up anyway.

Finished her morning bottle at 6:30
Since I am able to take a nap later in the day, waking up at 6am with a baby is only really difficult because I have a psychological aversion to any time before 7am. My single biggest fear is that this will become a trend when we get home. When we went on vacation in April, she ended up waking up at 7 rather than 8 and that's also when she stopped going back to sleep after her morning bottle. So please, baby, don't let this trip change your schedule too!

See how light it is outside!? Sophia was smiling at herself in the computer, but Photo Booth counts to 3 so I never caught a big smile in time.
Well it's 7am and she just fell back to sleep so I guess she really was still tired. Maybe I should try to go back to sleep too. Sorry if this sounded like silly complaining and something everyone has to go through on vacations. I know it'll get even more difficult with more children, but it's still new for me!

And here is a preview for the post that will actually be about our trip:
Sophia's first time swimming!!

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Lissa said...

I LOVE THE PICTURE OF HER ON THE COMPUTER! And she is so cute in the pool! But yes, I understand your pain. Vacations are fun, but hard when you have a little one (it gets even MORE "fun" when you have more to juggle! :P) I am not a morning person, either. At least, not since I became a mom. So I feel your pain! Hope you're having a great time, call me when you can!