Friday, April 20, 2012

6 Months

Happy half birthday to our sweet, baby girl! These photo shoots have gotten more and more fun each month as Sophia develops more of her personality. They are also getting more difficult because she's not as content to sit and pose - she wants to be moving and exploring (and eating) everything!
This doctor's visit was also much different than previous ones. She tried to eat her chart, crumpled up the paper on the bed with her tiny fists, wanted to strand up, and tried to do crunches and roll over while getting her physical exam. Guess there were no questions about how she's developing!
Height: 26.35" (50-75%)
Weight:15.0 lbs (25-50%)
Head: 16.5in (25-50%)

Look at that cutie!!!

 We recruited daddy to help her not eat the lion. This was the face she gave him when he took it away.

 Yay! Daddy gave the lion back!!
"Mom. I don't want to sit here anymore!"

Sophia, Sophia. At 6 months, she:
- wears some 0-3 month clothes, mostly 3-6 month clothes. I tried to move to the 6 month ones, but they are quite baggy.
- sleeps for about 10.5 hours straight at night (sometimes more), eats, and sleeps for about another hour. Takes 3 naps during the day
- can't sit up on her own for more than a couple seconds
- can roll over both directions, but most often just rolls onto her side to reach a toy or see us better
- smiles more than ever before
- is very ticklish (especially above her knees, and we just discovered that she's VERY ticklish on the back of her neck and shoulders)
- loves reaching, holding things, wiggling, kicking, eating tags and moving herself around
- has started reaching for us, seems to want to interact more and has played peek-a-boo with me a few times (holding up the blanket over the face until I said, "Where's Sophia" and then she drops it with a huge smile)
- loves eating baby food - my mom has been visiting and said she's never seen a baby so enthusiastic about eating
Eating carrots. I call this picture "Mohammad coming to the mountain" because she'd try as hard as she could to get that spoon into her mouth
Sophia's favorite way to fall asleep.
Practicing sitting up


Jason and Lissa said...

She sleeps like me! :) She's sure getting big and so cute. And seriously, she needs to explain to Savannah that solids are GOOD!

Garrett and Krystal said...

Sophia is so cute! She seems like such a happy and energetic baby. :) I love her smile. That's so good that she loves baby food and sleeps SO well. :) ( I love the picture of her leaning to get the food.)

Carson said...

Sooooo glad I got to spend a week bonding with Sophia. We had so much fun; she's so happy and interactive! And I'm glad I got to see first hand her enthusiasm for eating solids.

I love all the pictures of her, especially the first and second ones really seem to capture her personality.