Saturday, March 17, 2012

Slow Down!!

Sophia is growing up SO FAST! I was thinking the other day how much has changed just in the past couple of months. She can do so many more things, and she is SO much bigger. See for yourself:

one week vs five months

 two weeks vs five months

 one month vs five months (same outfit)

 one month vs five months

 4 weeks vs 4 months

tummy time: 3 weeks vs 4 months

 2 weeks vs 4 months

I miss the cuddly, tiny newborn. I also loooove this interactive baby. This video is one of my favorite moments with her...
(notice what outfit she's wearing, mom?)


Carson said...

LOVE the idea of putting the pictures of Sophia now side by side with the pictures of her at 1 month old. Just think of the contrast there will be in another three months!

Sophia's laughing and giggling are sooooo adorable. Sure can't wait to see that little angel in a few weeks!

(I'm also glad she's getting some use out of the Harrod's sleeper.)

Ashley said...

I was smiling so big watching that video! She's a sweetie!!

Megan said...

She's adorable! And she's got a GREAT laugh! I'm glad you are enjoying every moment.

Bonnie and Brian said...

That first picture up there is lovely of sophia! Love those baby giggles, too :) babies are GREAT!

Rachel Lybbert said...

They do grow up so fast! It's crazy. She is a beautiful girl!

Carson said...

"Sunrise.... Sunset.
Sunrise,... Sunset,
Swiftly pass the (Months and) years...."

Jason and Lissa said...

She looks just. Like. Russ.

She is so sweet! I miss her! We should skype sometime!