Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sophia Smile

When Sophia was first born, we took hundreds of pictures of her sleeping. 

Then we became obsessed with taking pictures of her awake and alert. 

NOW we are obsessed with making her smile and capturing that moment of complete adorableness on camera.

I love all of these pictures, but I especially love the top left. She was talking and Russ would repeat back what she said. She LOVED it and we love playing that game with her :)

ANNND just to prove I am a new parent, here is a video!!!!


Chris and Christina Taylor said...

So Cute, Adri! Mariel is a huge fan of Sophia as well... we keep watching this video and she demands "anuh-nuh" (which means another in her language) so we have to watch it over and over :)

Garrett and Krystal said...

She is SO cute! I loved watching that video, especially her little tongue! She's got an adorable smile. (Just wait til she laughs... :) )

Carson said...

I love the collage of all the adorable faces of Sophia! And the video is very sweet.

It's so fun when babies get interactive; it really adds an even more joyful aspect of being a parent, doesn't it?