Tuesday, December 27, 2011


This was our first Christmas (out of our 4 together so far) that we spent at our own home. We saw my family last week, and we flew here to Arizona on Christmas Day, but for the first time we had to decide what our Christmas Eve and Christmas morning traditions would be.
Baby's First Christmas
Here's the blend of Lee and Carson that we ended up doing this year:
1. Having a fancy dinner on Christmas Eve using my Christmas plates from Germany.
2. Reading the Christmas story in the Bible and acting it out. We also sang several Christmas hymns while reading (like "Away in a Manger" when we read about Christ's birth). This year we acted it out with my wooden nativity pieces, but only because we thought it might be too much to have Sophia dress up and act as every character. :)
Adri acting it out, Tyler listening, Sophia watching and Russ reading
3. Opening one present each on Christmas Eve.
Sophia loved her pants from Aunt Lissa. They look SO cute on her!
 The first picture is Tyler's reaction to me saying, 'Tyler! That's a girl hoodie!" But I was just messin' with him so he could smile in the second picture. I have a handsome brother!
Sophia was sad she only got to open ONE present on Christmas Eve!
4. Brunch on Christmas morning after opening presents.
 Sophia looked ADORABLE in her Santa suit from Jamie, and she was very interested in watching me open all of her presents for her.
Cuddling her doll from Great Grandma
 Russ, Sophia and I flew to Arizona on Christmas day, so while we were packing, Uncle Tyler played with Sophia ONE LAST TIME, since he is - as I type - driving/moving to Alabama. We are sure going to miss hanging out with him!
Sophia was a CHAMP on the airplane! She took over a 3 hour nap before we got on the plane (including sleeping while I carried her through security), had a bottle during take-off, was VERY interested in looking around at everything, and dozed off before we landed. Plus she charmed everyone with her outfit. :)

By the way.....guess who (FINALLY) started smiling!? She started smiling the DAY after all of my family left, and loves to smile - especially at inanimate objects (Christmas tree, lights of any kind and bassinet mobile are her favorites)


Ashley said...

Adri!! She is looking so big! :) :) How cuuuute! Isn't it the BEST when they smile?! Makes everything so much more fun! :)

Jason and Lissa said...

So sweet! I'm glad your first time flying with her went well. Hope you have a great time in Arizona!

Garrisonville Relief Society said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas morning, and I'm happy Tyler could spend it with you.

I'm so glad Sophia was a good traveler. She does look pretty precious in her little Santa suit!

Rachel Lybbert said...

I love her in that Santa suit! Too cute!!