Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Russ and I have truly been learning the meaning of adoration these past 3 1/2 weeks. We can't get enough of our little Sophia! Here are some of the 742 pictures and videos we have to prove it!

First of all: Happy Halloween!
 We celebrated Halloween by going to my classroom to see my students in their costumes and introduce them to Sophia (from afar, that is). The night before Halloween, Sophia had a REALLY rough night. She was up with either Russ or I literally all night. SO one day when we're all rested and a little less cranky, I may pretend it's Halloween again and take another picture in her in the second outfit for the scrapbook.

 Sophia looks so TINY in her first church dress!

The video is Sophia and I hangin' out after church, waiting for daddy to get home (since we girls only braved the first hour).

 I can't get enough of this picture. The part that keeps her strapped in is so huge I felt like she was getting strapped into a roller coaster. Plus I love the look she is giving the camera.

This is supposed to be of her cute hiccups, but she was also suffering from a dirty diaper at the time:

This afternoon, I took Sophia over to my friend's house, and Sara set up a little photo shoot. We both have nice cameras, but I for sure don't know how to use all the cool features on it, but with the two of us snapping away, we got some pretty dang cute pictures!
Russ just likes this one because he said she looks like she's running :)
We love, love, LOVE our tiny little one
Love the personality :)
Tricks to calming her down: pacifier, mom, and food
We tried to take the pacifier out for this one, but she was holding it very tightly
I think she looks so grown up in this one
Almost smiling for the camera!


Brianna said...

Aw, love the pictures! It's so hard trying to just pick a few when they are all so precious! Makes me excited for our family photos after our little girl gets here. :)

Bonnie and Brian said...

i really love how 'mom' is one of those tricks to calm her. that's something I find special- that they feel so safe and comfortable with their very own mom- and thats YOU! she's so innocent and precious. :)

Megan said...

I can see how easy it is to adore her. :) Keep adoring her. She is beautiful.

Rachel Lybbert said...

I love the pictures from her photo shoot! She is just a doll!

Carson said...

For some reason blogger is letting me leave comments today so I'm trying to go back and write things on your older posts.

Sophia's photo shoot is so sweet. You really got some cute pictures of your little angel!