Monday, November 14, 2011

36 Weeks

**I never posted this because I was waiting for my 37 week appointment to take a picture. I never made it to that appointment, and I never took that picture! Sophia was born the night after I wrote this draft. It's funny to look back and read it now.**

We're going to be parents THIS MONTH! As in - I no longer have to turn the page on the calendar to look at her due date. Holy cow.
  • It seems that in the past couple weeks, everything symptom-wise has been kicked up a notch: heartburn, waking up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, leg cramps, not being able to sleep because I can't get comfortable or because it's too hot, nasal congestion...all that fun stuff.
  • As far as I can tell, I haven't had any contractions. Russ and I joke that it means she doesn't know how to come out. Funny now. Maybe not so funny if she ends up being late.
  • Russ and I started going to the gym together once a week. He lifts weights (which I think will come in very handy for carrying a car seat), and I jog/ walk. Honestly, I think this is a great time to start working out because when I stop my ultra-slow jog and start walking, no one can judge me because I figure people will just be proud of me for being there. 
  • I have more stretch marks now, or they're the same 3 that have gotten much longer. They look like flames coming up all around my belly button (I know. You're welcome for the visual). I REALLY don't want to get too many more of them. 
  • Gained 27 pounds total now.
  • This week at my appointment, I was dilated to a 1. Basically, that means nothing, but the doctor has been saying for the past several appointments that baby's head is sitting very low so maybe that means something?
This past weekend, I had a wonderful baby shower. Although I forgot to get a group shot, I did get pictures of all the wonderful food!

Check out these cute pacifier cupcakes!!
For one of the games, everyone had to guess how many toilet paper squares around I am. Turns out it's 10.5 squares. :)
Here I am NOT winning any of the baby shower games. :)


Katy 4th Ward Relief Society said...

Hahaha! Fun to read in hindight. Is that the blue maternity shirt I gave you or a different one?

Carson said...

Who would have known that you'd have the baby just three days after your shower?
The lifesaver pacifiers are cute, and you look pretty serious about whatever it is you're writing in the last picture!!