Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kindergarten Graduation

I can NOT believe the school year is already over. In some ways I am really ready for summer (especially taking a 2 month break from the commute to Lehi), but I know I'll be bored and that I'll miss my cute students. At least I'll get to see them in the hallways next year. I've decided to teach again next year, even with the baby, but I will stay just half day.

Today was our kindergarten graduation. Russ graciously came to school with me and served as man-power to get our chairs to and from the cafeteria / photographer (He took 370 pictures! haha). My class looked SO precious. They were supposed to wear "best school clothes" and some showed up in a full suit or a flower girl dress and then as if that wasn't adorable enough we made graduation hats. I could not stop smiling at them during their program (even though I did have one student who spent at least 5 minutes inspecting his tassel in front of 200 parents...there's always one, right?). It was just such a cute love fest of a day that I had to post some pictures. 
Prepping the class for the day's events
Check out those adorable hats! (Hopefully you can click on it to see it bigger)
Of course the silly picture
The cutest part of the program was singing "God Bless the USA".
me and the class
Making my little end-of-year speech before handing out diplomas. Check out that baby bump, eh?
I made their diplomas, and I think they are pretty dang cute...if I may say so myself.
I made some cinnamon bun caramel popcorn for my parent helpers. It was a TON of work for a finished product that was probably not worthy of a full year of devoted parent volunteering, but I was still pleased with how they turned out
BTW - In case you were counting, I only used "cute" 4 times in this post, but that's only because I tried to use lots of synonyms.  


Lissa said...

Bump, what bump? Silly sister. :P

The kids look so cute, and the popcorn looks yummy! Enjoy your summer vacation (and come visit meeeeeeeeee!)

Garrett and Krystal said...

AWWWW! Those pictures are so cute! That must of been fun. It kind of makes me miss teaching! That hard work pays off!

What a cute baby bump! Exciting!

Nikki said...

Cute kinders! Also... where did you find the stuff to bag/label the popcorn? I want to steal that idea from you.

Carson said...

Looks like graduation was a smashing success. So glad your first year of teaching kindergaretn ended on such a positive note.
The treat bags turned out great. I'm sure the mothers appreciated them.

Kadi Abel said...

YOU are cute! I love how all the kids did practically the same silly face :)

Jamie Ward said...

I want to see you every day and feel your belly grow...
man...I am weird

carolyn said...

The hats, popcorn, kids, everthing looks so amazing and cute. The kids are so lucky to have you as their teacher. Good job.