Sunday, June 26, 2011

Awwww, So Cute!

The other night Russ and I were looking at our baby pictures to try to imagine what our baby will look like. Based on pictures of us as newborns, we think she might be a little pudgy (but grow out of it). 
 With us as parents, though, she's bound to have blue eyes.


Amanda Impett said...

I like the pictures it's kinda fun to try and guess but genetics are a funny thing lol so you never know.

Carson said...

Well,I really don't think either of you look pudgy in any of those pictures. Your faces were rounder than they are now when you were babies, but that's why there's the term "baby fat."

That's a nice collage of pictures. Is it from your scrapbook or did you just create it for the blog?

Can't wait to see you both in person in four days!!

Chris and Mary said...

Amanda is right. Your baby could end up with red hair and blue eyes...aka Cate hahaha! (If those genes are somewhere in your family.) Baby looks are fun to think about!

Sonja said...

Blue eyes.... round.... who can tell. What I can tell you is that you baby is without a doubt going to be ADORABLE and SO loved!! Miss you! And if only we lived closer, she could be friends with my Katie! :(

Jason and Lissa said...

Cute collage! You should print that out and put it in her baby book. Genetics are a funny thing. I sure never thought Kiera would be born with almost-black hair! And all babies have a little chub on them--it's good for them. They outgrow it (most of the time.) ;)