Monday, May 31, 2010

My Un-Talent

It's summer. The school is locked, my classroom is empty, my internship is over. I'm actually not excited about it. This year was more demanding than any other in my life, but I am really going to miss my students...especially the most difficult ones.

I think sometimes about where they will be in 20 years. Will little Eric become a leader or the perpetual class clown. Will Emme and Isabel really become teachers? I hope they do - I convinced them they'd be great at it. Will little Dylan be as charming then as he is now? Will Jessica and Mikalei be able to excel without much support at home?

This is a side note: I was able to see the end-of-year test results and, turns out, I'm not a half bad teacher! I got very similar test scores to the more experienced 1st grade teachers (something I was not expecting). That doesn't mean that they aren't better - because they are - or that I don't have TONS to learn - because I do - but it still makes me feel really good.

This shows my angelic girls and the true personalities of my boys!

So................ Now What?

My un-talent is having spare time. I literally hate it. I like to be busy. Does anyone have any ideas of what I can do to keep busy? Most of the ideas I had (like gardening) are unavailable to us because of our apartment...


Carson said...

Knit a baby blanket.

Do volunteer work.

Play the piano in the basement every day.

Help Russ study for the GMAT.

Re-read the Harry Potter series or the Work and the Glory series.

Learn to cross-stitch and make a sampler for your wall.

Jason said...




Rock climbing



Start a business

Visit relatives

Start on a Masters

Amber said...

Adri. . . I agree with you. Summers are not my "talent" My first summer after teaching was the worst. You'll get used to having time off and then you will love it! Also, congratulations on finishing a fantastic school year. Of course your scores were similar - you are a great teacher!