Friday, June 11, 2010


Well, I am now two weeks into summer / unemployment and have been keeping busier than I thought I would. Mostly because I've been reading lots of great books! In fact, we noticed our apartment getting colder and colder this week(when it got down below 65 degrees last night we called someone to see it if they cut heat off entirely during the summer), which made us more and more inclined to stay under our covers for long periods of time and read. Russ is reading Hunger Games and Catching Fire right now, as I type. He also really really enjoys them.

I've always loved juvenile fiction books, especially ones about magic and princesses and things. So, if you get bored this summer you should check out these books:

Or this series, which is written by an LDS author. Shannon Hale is also a great LDS author, I especially liked Goose Girl and Princess Academy. Anyway, I am reading the first one now (by Jessica Day George) and really like it. I hope the next two are as good!

I also have these books, which were highly recommended by my friend, Bonnie. I've been saving them for the airplane, so I haven't started reading them yet:

Needless to say, I feel very empowered by Russ's library card, and the good taste and recommendations of others. :)

We've also checked out movies about India. If you've ever seen a good movie about India, let us know. This is what we have so far:

(we got this edited - of course)

I suppose that's enough for now. Sorry about the pictures all being on their own line. Has anyone else noticed the changes to blogger? I can't even center my text anymore!


Brianna said...

Those are all great books! And I have read the next two in the Jessica Day George series, they are really good. You might try some of her other novels too, I think there's one called sun, moon and ice??? The Poison Study series is also an interesting read. Glad you get the chance to read! :)

Vickie said...

I am also a fan or Patricia Wrede!
Have you read Shannon Hale's "The Actor and the Housewife" or "Austenland"? I loved them both!
If you haven't read Fablehaven, that's fun fantasy.
There is also a series by Megan Whalen Turner (starting with "The Thief") that I really, really liked.
I haven't read any Jessica Day. I'll have to try it!

Chris and Mary said...

I'll be needing some new reading material once Cate arrives and keeps me up during the night...I'll have to check these out--I've never heard of any of them! :D

Jason and Lissa said...

I second the vote for Megan Whalen Turner's series. I looked up the Poison Study series in our library system, and they only have them as ebooks, so I guess I'll have to figure out how to work that!

Garrett and Krystal said...

Thanks for putting up some of the books you like, I think I might look up some of them. :)