Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today my dad is celebrating his 87th birthday...well...something like that. My dad is probably better than your dad. AFTERALL, my dad

1. built a lot of cool things for us kids (a treehouse, barbie house - complete with wallpaper and carpet scraps and a lego table bunk bed being some of the highlights)

2. always knew how to help with our homework, especially math, science and poetry

3. was always really supportive and could even get off work to come to our choir concerts or assemblies

4. woke me up once in the middle of the night because I hadn't loaded the dishwasher correctly. I am so glad he did that because now that I'm married, I realize I do dishes just like he does.

5. taught me all I know about NOT being a pack rat - an attribute that describes the very core of me!

6. decorated my birthday cakes in the COOLEST way (my 8th birthday cake was him baptizing frosting!)

7. is dramatic. An example is him saying that he is not going to get braces because he's just going to die soon anyway.

8. is probably the hardest working man I know.

Yep. For sure. My dad has to be better than your dad because I have the best dad in the WORLD!


Jason and Lissa said...

Awww, so sweet! Happy birthday to my daddy!

Carson said...
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Carson said...

Thanks for the touching tribute. It was a pleasure raising you 4 kids.
But one thing you should know - Now that all of you are "off the payroll" I am seriously considering getting braces. I After looking at the photos of everyone at your graduation, and everyone was smiling but me because of my crooked teeth. So dont be surprised if I am the "brace face" of the family at the next reunion or wedding, which ever comes first... Love you lots "little sister"