Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Update in Numbers

1. I have, at the recommendation of a chiropractor, been keeping a headache journal. I have experienced mild to severe headaches for 23 out of the past 60 days.

2. Our Honda broke down yesterday - 15 months after I fatally wounded it.

3. I am going to graduate college in just under 2 months. During my 4 years at BYU I have taken 80 tests in the Testing Center.

5. In preparation for our 2 week trip to India in 4 months, we have to get visas. One of the requirements is to list the countries we've visited in the past 10 years.....

Russ: 2 Adri: 22


Elaine said...

Huh? Are you learning about codes in your first grade class?

Michele said...

wow, you have been to a lot of countries! and i'm not sure how you've kept track of all the tests you have taken. hey are you going to walk for graduation? i don't really want to, but maybe if i had a friend that was doing it... i might :)

Carson said...

Those are some interesting facts, my dear. So sorry to hear about the headaches. I hope you can someday find a cure for that situation. BTW, I saw Tara Lapinsky on TV last night. She was in the audience at the Olympics for the women's figure skating. Love, Mom

Krista said...

Very, very interesting! Actually it is cool that you have traveled so much--it helps us to be much more open minded and understanding of how big the world really is.