Thursday, November 6, 2008

What a Week

Russ is going to San Diego for a business trip this weekend, so I was preparing for our first weekend apart, but on Monday he called from work and asked if it would be possible for me to go with him. I was sure there was no way because I couldn't miss so much work and school (it's a 5 day trip), but through a lot of small miracles, I am going to San Diego with him! But it gets better. They are paying for our transportation, housing, food, and since this is a big conference, they hired me as a temp and I'll get some pay for it! We get an all expenses paid trip to San Diego, and we are going to have to work hard, but after work we can go to the temple and just enjoy the warm weather (oh yeah, and I'll somehow get my homework done :D).

On Tuesday evening I was heading out to a meeting for work and it was dark and I didn't know where I was going and ended up bottoming out the car on a railroad track. I didn't realize anything was wrong, except for being really shaken up, so I went on to the meeting. After the meeting, I realized something was wrong but I got most of the way home before the car quit on me. Things only got WORSE from there. I was lost, it was dark, there were no cars or houses in sight, I had no idea where I was so Russ could come get me. A couple hours later, many prayers, and more tears later - Britney saved the day by driving Russ out to get me, knowing the way around to find me, and having AAA so we could get a free tow truck. We're still not sure how bad the damage will end up being, but let's just say we might just get a whole new car.

Basically, we blame my job for the car (someone has to take the blame, right :D). But I have been thinking about quitting for a while and now feel like I should have done it and this could have been avoided. That may or may not be true, but either way, I went in to work and told them I would not be finishing out the semester there because a)I have no car to get to work now and b)it just seems like quitting would just make me happier. The telefund is a tough place to work. SO if you are reading this and you're a BYU grad, PLEASE be nice to the poor annual fund callers, we're just students :(

Other than that, the Holdens had their baby! Russ and I are going to the hospital to see Baby Girl Holden and I'm so happy for them. I was thinking about it and I think I've only really known Britney being pregnant. It'll be interesting (in a good way) to see how the baby changes our little group dynamic. But we are really excited for them!!!!

Also, I think I am going to do well this semester with my grads. This has been one of my busiest semesters, so I hope I can pull off good grades and raise my GPA (which went down when I went to Jerusalem).

Last but CERTAINLY not least, Russ has been applying for some jobs on campus and we got a call from housing for a hall advisor position! We're not getting our hopes up yet, but any of the jobs he applied for on campus would be nice because we don't really like the management where we live and Russ likes his job but would like some other experiences before graduate school.

So that's the latest update, I'll try to remember to take pictures in San Diego because I just don't take enough pictures of anything!!!

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