Saturday, November 22, 2008

Our Last 24 Hours

I was deliberately waiting to write this post until after we found out some news, but we've found out so here it is:

Russ got hired as a Hall Advisor

We'll move into Heritage Halls (Maesar Hall) on December 15th. We found out last night and I immediately went and looked up the floor plan. It's a lot smaller than what we are living in now (something like 20 feet x 20 feet), but I am excited all the same. Plus, it's free!

But that meant we had to sell our contract for where we are living now. Well, Russ got up early and wrote the add, put it up on Craigslist at 8:30 and we had people calling non-stop about it. We had about 8 appointments set up, but the very first people who came to look at it ended up taking it. So it was up for less than 3 hours before we took it back down - thank goodness for living in Provo and trying to sell when everyone is getting married, right? :) So that was really neat.

Moving, however, is going to be a trick. We just have a weekend to do it (during finals week, no less) so I guess we'll rent a U Haul. It'll be a fun adventure. But in a lot of ways, it's going to be nice to be back on campus. It'll be noisier and we were just starting to make friends at our complex and in our ward, but I think Russ will really like the work and it'll be good for me to be so close to campus. I will miss my dishwasher (although we have 20 meals a week at the Cannon Center) and sometimes I'm sure I'll miss having such a spacious apartment, but even just going to check out the building was just so much fun to be back there.

I do have some reservations. We'll make enough for our needs, but we won't be able to put as much into savings as we are now. I think I am also a little worried about fitting into the smaller apartment. However, working for BYU has a lot of perks. Plus, I just think we'll love it. Here we come Cannon Center!

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