Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Holidays

I suppose it's about time to write another entry in the blog. This is the last week of classes, the last week of being in our apartment, and the last week of Russ working at Robotronics (which I affectionately call "Robobobo"). I am trying to take things one day at a time with classes, but I think overall I will have a pretty good GPA at the end of the semester. Usually, I never win contests. Nothing. But Russ has really good luck with winning things and getting free things. Well, since I've gotten married I've noticed that happening to me a little more. For example, just today I found out that I was RANDOMLY CHOSEN to submit a paper to the English Department! Except - that's not really a positive thing, is it?

My family has a LOT of Christmas traditions, but for some reason the one I felt the most strongly about was having a Christmas tree! I love Christmas and I love decorating for Christmas! So even though we are moving this week and won't even be here for Christmas, I ....somewhat coerced... Russ into getting a Christmas tree in the apartment. It's a fake tree, but it has multicolored lights (my favorite) and my mom sent me 2 boxes of my Christmas tree ornaments I've collected over the years from all over the world, and I must say that our tree is decked (not sure what that means, but it's

Last week Russ and I started what will probably become a family tradition of seeing "Forgotten Carols". I must admit that I hadn't really heard much about it, but I LOVED it! I think that maybe as the years go by we'll either read the book or go to the production as the opening of the holiday season and then decorate the tree afterward. It just really gets you into a Christmas mood.

Here's a cute story: a couple days ago I was trying to put some honey on a roll, but there wasn't much honey left (there should have been, but my brother pretty much killed it off in one sitting at Thanksgiving) and so, in my ANGUISH, I said, "Oh! Honey bear!" and I heard Russ in the other room reply, "...Are you talking to me?" And thus, a new nickname is born.

I also realized that I neglected to write anything about Thanksgiving. I had my first Thanksgiving in my house. I cooked the Turkey and although I don't think anyone would say it's the BEST turkey they've EVER had...I think it turned out okay. My brothers, Russ, and I were busy in the kitchen getting things ready (we had 3 pies for 4 people) and then played Settlers of Catan online while the turkey cooked (I know, we're cool huh?). Then we ate - man we had everything from the stuffing and homemade mashed potatoes to cranberry sauce and rolls.

The boys playing Settlers on the couch

The finished product

The rolls were an adventure. I don't know what it is, but I have been very unsuccessful as a bread baker (Russ told me that everyone has their weaknesses). My yeast just won't rise (does anyone have any suggesstions?) So after I toiled over some rolls and they didn't rise, I did a yeast experiment and the one that rose the most got put in with the bread dough. Problem was, by the time the yeast rose, the rest of the dough was made so the yeast didn't mix in. The result...was not pretty. Luckily, however, the roll story has a happy ending, but they were finished about 10 hours after dinner was over.

Trying to get at least ONE of them to rise!

My failed rolls.

While I accidently took a nap after dinner, I woke up and Russ had bought himself a Thanksgiving Day present: a 32" High Definition Flat Screen TV. Boys.

And finally, my yearly turkey pictures...




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