Wednesday, April 20, 2016

#13 Nigeria: Life in Pictures (Month 3)

Another month has gone by... We've reached the half-way point of our 6 month assignment, and I'd be lying if I said that didn't make me excited. Being here is definitely a good experience in a lot of ways, but I am really getting homesick for America!
This month we had lots of fun activities, including having my parents come visit!!! It was really nice to have their visit to look forward to, but I'll do a separate post about that. For now, here's random pictures from the month:
I signed up to read to Sophia's class. She was SO excited to have me go, and I had a lot of fun feeling like a teacher again (for 15 minutes :D).

Lately, Grace's two favorite activities are: watching videos of herself on my phone or laptop and playing "nigh-night". Now that's a game Mommy likes to play with her!

 Going out to lunch with friends :)
A cute picture of all the pre-school girls on a rare rainy day (I should really say "rainy time". Even when it does rain, it lasts about an hour, and then dries and heats right back up again) 

The leaving lion moved down the street when someone else moved, and the girls loved visiting it! 

 We went to an Easter lunch at someone's house, and this is how Grace let us know she was ready to go home...she just went and stood by the door. Poor girl. It was about 2 hours past nap time.

 During Spring Break and Mom and Dad's visit, a group of us we went to a movie! It was really cheap (about $3 per person, which included a small bag of popcorn), but the theater was pretty hot and stuffy.
 It was dark when we entered the theater, and the stuffiness/heat made us a little nervous. Then when we took this picture and saw the seat pattern lit up in the flash, we all freaked out a little - thinking they were stains on the chairs!! haha I felt more than a little germaphobic after this because who knows which are stains and which are part of the very unfortunate seat fabric choice...

While Russ was gone in the states, I braved taking the girls to the weekly beach outing by myself. This time we ate Nigerian food and watched some dancers (you can sort of see in the background) 

 Mary took some selfies with Grace on the camera ;) 

 My parents were here on Easter. Here are some pictures from our festivities - including at the camp's Easter party for the kids. 
Well, now she has teeth, but she still makes funny faces in pictures!
I like this because it shows how our cameras always fogged up when you went from inside to outside, and it also shows that I was there, too! 
 Painting Easter eggs is much less messy than dying them, and Sophia likes it more than dying. Wahoo!
 Some cute pictures of Sophia :) They did the egg hunt twice - the first time, my timid kids only got a few. The second time, the older kids weren't interested in doing it again, and Sophia filled her bucket up twice and Grace filled hers, too! I was sort of impressed that Grace caught on to what to do with the eggs. For Sophia's first Easter egg hunt, I had to keep telling her to get more since she'd just inspect and open each one. :)

Sophia's school had a Fun Fair a couple Saturdays ago. It was HOT and LOUD, but we had fun. Sophia especially loved playing in a pool they had set up, and Grace liked the train. A lot of activities were, understandably, geared towards older kids (or at least braver kids than Sophia), but she was brave enough to do the zip line by herself.

One morning after dropping Russ and Sophia off, Grace ran to the door before I got there, and I didn't notice the HUGE crab next to her (the one in the right-hand picture) because it was right up against the black door. When I saw it, I screamed and hurried us into the house. Then we walked around the back of the house to go get a picture of it. We saw the crab in the left picture in the back of the house, and then when we got to the front, Mr. tried-to-come-into-our-house-to-kill-us-all was hiding under that planter. It was so freaky! I've NEVER seen such HUGE crabs! About a month ago, Russ and I heard scratching at the door and assumed it was a cat, but I bet it was another attempted crab invasion!

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Carson said...

I enjoyed seeing all the pictures. Now that we've been to Nigeria it's so much easier to relate to everything you're writing about. That selfie of Grace and Mary is very cute.Too bad those crabs didn't make an appearance while we were visiting, we could have had another animal to add to our list of creatures we saw while we were there.