Sunday, March 6, 2016

#12 Nigeria: Life in Pictures (Month 2)

It won't actually be 2 months until Wednesday, but since I've spent almost this entire month being sick with one ailment or another, I'm ready to think it's over. :) Plus, Russ has been back in the states for two weeks of this month with another several days to go, and I'm ready for that to be over, too. Here are some random pictures from our month:

So, it seems like almost every ex-pat household here on camp has a tablecloth of this style (different colors, different patterns, but kind of the tie-dye-ish look). I asked for one with animals, and someone explained to me that these artists will put these animals on it...but may not have ever even SEEN these animals before. So there are one or two mystery animals on the tablecloth, but I still think it's pretty cool. Unfortunately, when the Bishop came over, I asked him if these were a typical Nigerian thing, and he said no. Apparently only the Americans have these. Shucks. So much for my authentic Nigerian tablecloth :) haha 

Sometimes after a long day of school for Sophia, she is happy to stay at home and snuggle up to watch cartoons. :) Full-time school is a big adjustment for her!

Graces loves to read the Book of Mormon board book specifically to find all the babies in it. Too bad for her, there aren't that many babies pictured...but it doesn't stop her from looking and pointing to the ones she does see.  

Last week was Spirit Week at school. Here's Sophia with her friend on "twin day".

Dr Suess Day for Spirit Week - Sophia was a star-bellied yellow sneetch

One morning when I dropped Sophia off at school, I saw these outside the classroom. Other kids had written "I love my mom" or "I love my family" so I was anxious to see what she wrote. I tried not to be too deflated when I saw hers... 

Russ and I got invited to the birthday party of one of his co-workers. Whenever I tell people about it, I automatically accidentally call it a wedding reception because that's how fancy it was. It was very beautiful. There were decorations, crystal glasses in the place settings, caterers, and - interestingly - a preacher did a sermon as part of it. The only downside is that I was very underdressed. I went in jean shorts and literally every other woman there was in a very fancy dress. Like even most of my church clothes would've been too informal. Some of the men wore jeans, so Russ probably didn't feel quite as out of place, but most were also in their Sunday best. We also brought Grace, and she was the only child there. Bah! Stupid American moment! But now we know! And it was very neat to see how Nigerians celebrate birthdays! Russ's co-worker was turning 50, so maybe that's why it was such a big celebration. But we were told it started on Friday morning and went straight on through until 1:30am on Sunday! Wow. 
I snuck this picture of the wedding-like birthday cake right before Grace attacked the camera. 

 Some decorations at the party:

Russ with some of his other co-workers who attended at the same time we did. 

Here's a picture of Gracie's top teeth for you, Mom!  

It's tradition that when someone moves, this lion statue gets dressed up and sent to the yard of the person moving. Gracie was pretty excited to have her BFF (the "rawr") show up next door when our neighbor was moving out! 

Our church building from the inside. It's the front door, the door on the left is nursery, and the big room is the chapel. Normally all the chairs are set up, but this was on a Saturday. 

The chapel. Complete with broken windows, dirt, sometimes bugs, and no running water.

This would be better if I cropped it, but we were amazed to see these two guys sleeping on top of that giant truck of logs! 

Gracie juxtaposed with all the litter everywhere... 

Sometimes, there's not a ton to do - especially for the driver. He and Grace threw this ball back and forth for a while one day, and she loved it!

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Carson said...

I sure thought I'd commented on this last week.
Thanks for the picture of Gracie's teeth. She looks like such a big girl! And it looks like Sophia is having fun at her preschool.
I liked seeing the pictures of your church building and the birthday party you went to. What an interesting cultural experience for you.