Thursday, April 21, 2016

#14 Nigeria: Mom and Dad's Visit!

We loved having Mom and Dad here for a week! Luckily, their visit coincided with Sophia's Spring Break, so she got to enjoy lots of grandparent time, too. It was nice to show them where we live and how we live, and it was reassuring to have my Mom tell me how much it reminded her of Japan (at least the compound part, and the weird milk, and the humidity/bugs coming into the house... being overseas as the Mom sure brings different memories than being there as a kid!). Looking through these pictures sure made me wish they'd COME BACK and stay FOREVER!

They arrived Friday night, and the next day they fought their jetlag and we went to check out the nearby Conservation Center. It's the greenest place I've seen here! They have a large tortoise, peacocks, and lots of fun monkeys that came right up to us.
Grace really likes our driver, Innocent (or "in-sint" as she calls him)

We didn't really see any bugs, but my malaria sensors were freaking out as we walked over standing water for a good 30 minutes!

this part reminded us of Louisiana! 

Can you tell we were a little hot and sweaty? At least it was shady, though.

 Our reward at the end of the path was a field that had cute huts to sit down in

 I like the difference in these next two pictures between Sophia's face...
 ... and Russ's face!
The next day was Sunday. Mom took pictures of the girls in their respective classes. (Grace may not look overjoyed, but she actually goes to nursery without a fight!!! Wahoo!)

Views from the ride home from church:

 I couldn't resist adding these two where the camera settings got the best of Dad. Bahaha

 We borrowed someone's cook for 4 days while they were on vacation, and 2 of those days were during Mom and Dad's visit. So this is us eating dinner the cook made!
 Grace and Granddad doing their morning stretches. :)

 Russ hurt his back really bad on Sunday, like so bad that the doctor told him to go on a straight week of bed rest (not even watching TV on the couch - flat on his back, knocked out on pain killers). It was so bad he was told if it didn't improve by a certain time, we'd be sent back to the states because he couldn't get the right kind of care here. So having Mom and Dad here for that week was INVALUABLE to me! They spent so much time with the girls, and I am so grateful for their help! They played in the back yard, went for walks, looked at the pretty flowers, and we all went swimming a couple times. 

 With Mom and Dad's help, Sophia named all the lizards that hang out in our back yard. 
 Sophia wanted to sweep with the gardner, and Grace wanted to do whatever Sophia was doing :)

 Grace keeping busy during Sophia's soccer class :)

The Hard Rock Cafe is brand new and located right on the beach (cleanest beach I've seen here)
 I love this happy picture of Grace and "Pa Pa" as she calls Granddad
 Grace: the facial expression queen.
 ...aaannnnd this is what the END of a trip to a restaurant looks like. Crabby and cranky kids!

We also went to the hot, sweaty market to buy some souvenirs. I'm sure Mom will post more pictures of the market, so I'll just put this one (with my Nigerian helpers from church). We were doing some intense bartering with this guy.

I wish there were more we could have done and seen, but we were still so glad Mom and Dad could come!

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Carson said...

We had such a fun time visiting you and spending time with the girls. It was an interesting cultural experience, and we're glad we went. I loved your comment about Grace being the facial expression queen! I had no idea she was making such a funny face when I was holding her.