Saturday, May 23, 2015

Eleven Months Old

It is very strange to tell people Grace will be one next month. How did this happen? My tiny southern girl is almost one! This first year for Grace has been so different from Sophia's. She has been to so many more places and been perfectly happy to hang out in the carrier or the stroller. I am so thankful for that and so thankful for her. She is a beautiful, happy little star in our family. :)

Baby blue eyes! 

"Mom. I do not want to take any more pictures."

Grace at 11 months old:
- walks really well with assistance and along the furniture
- signs "all done" when she gets upset/hurt/terrorized by Sophia while playing or when she doesn't want any more food
- wearing 9 month or 12 month clothes, size 3 shoes, size 3 diapers
- bed at 7:00, wakes up 7:00-8:00. 2 naps.
- 4 bottles of formula a day (24oz total). Eats solids (baby food + finger foods) at least 2 meals a day. Gets very excited about food.
- nicknames so far in her life: Dacie Dace, Babe Grace, Gracie-Gru, Lady Baby, Gwace Gwace
- when I'm carrying her, she uses her tiny pointer finger to boss me around, like she's steering. It's cute and hilarious.
- usually has 1 of 3 emotions: super excited, super offended, content. When she's one of the first two, she goes all out to make sure you know how she feels.
- finally now hides herself and initiates peek-a-boo
- sometimes I may wish Grace wasn't such a Mommy's girl, but today when she was crawling around looking for Russ, I must admit, I was a little jealous. It feels pretty good to have a cute baby light up every time she sees you. :)
- re-cheked her iron this week and it's still low. It really shouldn't be with all we are doing, so we are going to get more extensive blood work done to see if we can figure out what's going on. (All her life, if it hasn't been one thing, it's been another: spitting up blood, only able to look left,  acid reflux issues, flat head / measurements for a helmet, and since the head problem is finally over - now low iron). Sheesh.

Grace has been on many swings on my lap, but I think this month was her first time in an actual baby swing. She loved it!

return of the curls 

waving to the camera 

 Mother's Day with my favorite girls  :)
I do not know what is going on with Grace's facial expressions here

How swimming with the Lees tends to go:
 splashing but not getting wet with Mom
fun in the water with Dad

bossy pointer finger (I have MANY pictures like this)

family dance party


Looking so grown up in her shorts and t-shirt!

 Helping with the dishes

 Too busy laughing at nothing to go to sleep!

 First solo ride on the carousel. I think she enjoyed herself, but she had her serious "grumpy cat face" the whole time (aka her cheeks are so chubby it pulls her mouth down like a frown)

Chillin' on Daddy during Sophia's gymnastics show. Sometimes having an older sister means being woken up early from your nap. :(

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