Thursday, June 4, 2015

Sophia 3.5

Since Grace gets monthly updates and pictures of her posted all the time, I thought Sophia deserved a photo update of her own. It's hard to remember which pictures I've already posted on Facebook, so apologies on any repeats.

For about a month after Mardi Gras, these beads were her *favorite* toy

 yee haw, Sheriff Cally!

Naps have been a thing of the past for a couple months now, but every so often, it's obvious she needs one. On this day I told her she had to stay in her room and she fell asleep while kicking and screaming at the door. Uh huh. Not tired at all.  

One morning Sophia put all the animals up there she "didn't want Grace to play with". So, basically, every toy except... 
one! Poor Grace.

 Sometimes cleaning up before bed turns into a dance party before bed

no caption necessary

 looking so grown up at her gymnastics show week
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playing dress-up with one of her best friends 

 Always hunting for or collecting something!

She always wanted me to stay in the car for preschool, insisting she could go in all by herself. 

She put those goggles on by herself! Can you tell? 

Standing like a "kamingo"!! Also, she sticks her tongue out when she concentrates. :) 

excited to ride the trolley! 

She told me she and Savannah were looking for love bugs... 

first popsicle of summer 

Yeah well. No surprise there. :D 

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