Sunday, March 8, 2015

Eight Months Old

Grace! You are loved and adored. Right before I put you in bed, I put you in your sleep sack, give you lots of kisses, and you give me lots of giggles. It's one of my favorite times of the day.

 Left: She learned to clap her hands (well, she mostly claps her fists). That's her "I'm so proud of myself" face!
Right: Head is getting to be better-shaped all the time!

 It's getting harder to take pictures now that my baby model can crawl away...and is miserable from getting 2 more teeth and having a cough at the same time.

This was a big month for Grace! She hit lots of milestones as a 7 month old! Now, our 8 month old:
- sits up and crawls! She started sitting and crawling at virtually the same time.
- cut her first tooth
- is so, so much easier and happier
- gets very offended when: her food is gone, a toy gets taken away from her, she doesn't get picked up when she wants to be held and when she's left with strangers
- has 3 meals a day with an extra bottle right at bedtime. I had to start supplementing her with a bottle of formula each day in addition to the bottle I pump every night before bed. She also has solids at least twice a day (breakfast and dinner). Yesterday while  sharing a banana with Sophia, I looked over and saw Grace looking at me with the biggest look of excitement/anticipation. I got all excited and smiled back at her but realized she just wanted some banana, too!
- is on a very similar schedule as last month. She wakes up once a night to eat, eats every 4 hours during the day, takes 2 or 3 naps (depending on the day), goes to bed between 7:00 and 7:30pm.
- has always been very social. Ever since she was very little, she's happiest when we're in public and if I even try to hold her so she faces me, she wiggles and squirms so she's facing out.
- responds to her name

It warms my heart to see how much Grace and Sophia love each other. Before I had kids, I daydreamed about what they'd be like and I always hoped they'd be friends as they got older, but it's already obvious Grace knows Sophia is a special person in her life just like Russ and I are. It's hard to explain, but it's something so cute, and something I never really thought about. When we go to the playground with Grace in the carrier, I'll use Grace's hands to push Sophia on the swing and she laughs the ENTIRE time. The other morning we played hide-n-seek (Grace was awful to hide with, by the way, always gave away our position with her baby noises! :D) and every time we were found, she got SO EXCITED. We also often play tag, running around our apartment while I hold Grace, and she gets so happy when we do that, too.  Things like that or the times I'm doing my hair and hear Sophia playing and sharing toys with Grace in the next room make me feel SO LUCKY to be their mommy!

Baby's First Valentine's Day

Most of my baby clothes came from my big sister. Here's a onesie that Savannah and both my girls wore when they turned 8 months old. Grace has always had a round face, like her cousin Savannah as a baby. At 8 months, Sophia LOVED solids but took a long time to crawl, so she chunked up for a couple months. Ironically, Sophia at her chunkiest is Grace normally because Grace has been a good eater all her life.

 "Look Mom! I crawled backwards!...Now I'm stuck."

We were twirling like ballerinas. She loved it! 

Borrowed a jumperoo from a friend in the ward. Thank goodness! It's so nice to be able to put her somewhere where she can entertain herself for a few minutes. 

 This girl loves eating paper.

 She sits!

 Mardi Gras party animal!

The only picture I got of the girls together on Valentine's Day.

 Grace photo bomb!!!

 What Grace thinks about swinging at the park.

"I'm so big, I can sit on my own chair at church!" (there's her proud face again :D)

As a baby, Sophia was very into credit cards and cell phones. Gracie loves remotes and my cell phone. 21st Century girls and their technology...


Carson said...

Wow, those pictures in that little dress turned out sooo precious. The Valentine ones are very cute, too. Grace seems to be very photogenic.

Even though I just saw her last week it's like Grace has learned new things since I left! Those two girls are such little sweethearts. I'm glad I could feel like Grace liked me by the time I left. I know I'll have to start all over again when I see her next.

Jason and Lissa said...

Haha, so cute! Nice Valentine pictures, too. She is growing up so fast!