Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Nine Months Old

Since living in the South, I've heard it said, "The bigger the bow, the better the mom". I am not much of a big bow person, but this month I busted out the biggest bow I had to take pictures of this NINE month old. She also looks appropriately Spring-y and Easter-y for the warm temperatures we have upon us. I love those baby thighs in shorts!

9 Month Stats
Height: 28" (75th %)
Weight: 17lbs 6oz (25th %)
Head: 17.25"

(compared to Sophia: I'm surprised that Sophia was 3/4" taller and almost A POUND heavier than Grace! Maybe it's because Sophia wasn't mobile yet at this age because both girls have *monster* appetites!)

Sophia said, "Hey. I'm dressed. I want to be in pictures." Obviously she remembers last month when I wouldn't photograph nakie Sophia.

9 Month Old Grace...
  • tricks include: waving, clapping, pulling herself up on everything, holding her own bottle, putting in her binky, imitating us when we say "uh oh" and "buh buh" (for "bye bye"), and playing crawl fetch with herself (crawls to a ball, she accidentally hits it so it rolls away, crawls after it, repeat)
  • continues to love eating. I usually have to give her baby food + finger foods because she gets impatient when I spoon-feed her and wants to feed herself also. 
  • in the space of one month, is now almost exclusively drinking formula.
  • has 2 teeth
  • currently has her 3rd cold in the past month. :(
  • her hair is getting thicker again, so it looks darker. Not nearly as dark as when she was a newborn, but enough to give me some hope she might be a brunette.
  • will give us a solid 10 hours most nights (7:30pm-5:30am). I decided to try crying it out earlier in the month when my mom was here, and she was sleeping 7:30 to 7:00!!!!!!...then she got sick and it was daylight savings... and she fell back into the habit of waking up somewhere between 5:00 and 6:30. Generally, I feed her and she goes back to bed until about 8:30, which is nice. At least once a week, she wakes at night and cries for up to an hour before finally giving up and falling asleep.
  • and I are doing a mommy & me gymnastics class. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it's pretty adorable. She also surprised me with how much she liked it. She especially smiles and laughs as we do stretches, flips, bubbles and things that involve pulling herself up (bars, rings).
Often while I'm making dinner, Russ plays with the girls in Sophia's room. One evening Grace came crawling out. Russ watched her crawl all the way to my bedroom, where she immediately started to cry. She often comes crawling to look for me (ya know, in a rare moment when I'm not already with her), so we think she started crying when she didn't find me in my room. What can I say? I'm her fav. :)

 Grace was the example baby for a flip. Unfortunately, about the time I got the camera out, she realized I wasn't the one holding her. She was NOT okay with that. ;)

 babies on a parachute - can you spot Grace?

So proud of herself for being big enough to "play" at the playground 

First (of many) day of summer clothes! wahoo!

Chowin' down on some delicious homemade baby food. Yum!

 I'm so glad Grace is getting old enough (aka not as fragile) to play with Sophia!

Crawl fetch !

 Russ taught her to hold her own bottle. At first she'd only do it when he fed her (stinker), but now she'll hold it all the time.

Russ gave Grace a bath and did her hair after. I laughed, took a picture, then re-combed it. :) 

Love this girl.

She doesn't love sitting with us and being read to, but she likes these kinds of books

Waving to me when I came in the room...and more crawl-fetch

Russ's birthday a few weeks ago :). I sure love my little family!

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Carson said...

Looks like a wonderful life with your little family of 4 now. Parenthood suits you both well. Glad to see you are making the best of your temporary situation Looking forward to seeing you at the reunion (if not before)