Friday, January 30, 2015

Seven Months Old

Last Friday, our Gracie-Gru turned 7 months old. This past month, she's definitely become an easier baby overall, but now also has 3 favorite things in life (and when she doesn't have them, she's angry): Mommy, being held and eating.

These pictures show that sometimes your model gets so distracted by the silly things you do to get her to smile that she doesn't smile at all. In any of the pictures. haha Oh well.

 In the past month, Grace...
  • has warmed up to baby food and loves everything she tries
  • when she's happy, she kicks. When she's super happy, she also lets out a little squeal while she kicks... like she can't contain all her excitement.
  • wants to be held all. day. long, and she let's you know how betrayed and unhappy she feels when she's not being held. 
  • isn't sitting up on her own yet. Nor does she express much interest. Stinker. Sophia was the same way at 7 months.
  • gets up on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth. 
  • has become proficient and rolling, pivoting around while on her tummy and scooting backwards on her hands and knees to get toys she wants.
  • madly in love with the baby in the mirror. I put the changing pad on a dresser with a mirror attached, and Grace spends the entire diaper change rolling over to smile and play with her reflection.
  • takes 3 naps and now sleeps from about 8pm until 5am. Compared to previous months, this is northing short of a miracle.
  • every morning when I go wake her up, I sing "Good Mornin', Good Mornin'" from Singing in the Rain (with some revised lyrics). Grace always looks up at me with the biggest smile, like I'm her hero for coming to get her. Then Sophia runs over and says, "Oh! It's my little cutie!"
  • hair is getting a lot lighter brown, a lot shorter, and less thick. It looks so different from a few months ago! Now people no longer comment on her hair, but she gets LOTS of comments on her blue eyes.
  • we've been so obsessed about her head, we fasted and prayed about it, got information (like that insurance won't cover it), and decided we'd just go ahead and do the helmet. When I took her in last week, however, we got new measurements and the orthotist said she really doesn't think she needs it because she's improving so well on her own. So, we're taking her in again in a few more weeks to re-measure and re-assess. Here are some pictures, older and recent to show her head issues:
You can really see the flat part well from the top. The picture on the left is from Thanksgiving, right is last week

Left is from September. Look how AWFUL and CONE-SHAPED her little head is!! Right is from Thanksgiving. Below is last week. 

looking a lot less cone-shaped now (and look at how much lighter/thinner her hair is!)
but it kinda depends on the angle...
 And here are some other cute pictures from the month:
I love those squishy cheeks!

helping push the cart
 Love these girls.

Chunky wrists, chubby cheeks and blowing raspberries. Three signature things I hope to always remember about Grace as a baby.
Luckily, she hasn't figured out how to move her arms and legs yet. She can only slide backwards (very frustrating for her when she's reaching for toys in front of her)
first time shopping like a big girl
True love. 
 Gracie be all like, "Why aren't you holding me!?"


Rachel said...

First off, what a cutie! Second, I'm pretty sure Bella and Gracie are the same baby. Bella also helps push the cart, loves the mirror baby, blows raspberries, and has a misshapen head (although, her head is almost round again).

Carson said...

So very many adorable pictures of this little sweetie! She looks darling in the first pictures even if she isn't smiling. The Cougars shirt is really cute.
Her head shape is definitely looking better in the recent photos. I especially love the pictures of Grace and Sophia together.

Jason and Lissa said...

I love how babies all love themselves in the mirror! And those pictures of her crying because you're not holding her are so funny!