Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Six Months Old

I wrote this about two weeks ago, but with the craziness of our move, never posted it. I was going to edit the pictures of Grace, but oh well. She's still cute, even if the lighting isn't edited to perfection  :D
Happy half birthday to little Gracie!

6 Month Stats:
Height: 26" (61st percentile)
Weight: 15lb 10oz (45th percentile)
Head: 16.73" (64th percentile)
*10oz heavier than Sophia, head a tiny bit bigger, but actually a little shorter*

At 6 months, she:
- tolerates the few solids we've fed her, but isn't crazy about eating with a spoon
- since Sophia was pretty much exclusively on formula by this age, I'm happy to say Grace hasn't needed any formula. I do try to pump before bed and sometimes I do supplement her with the pumped milk when she still seems hungry after eating.
- wears 6 month clothes
- loves: blowing raspberries, splashing in the bath, grabbing, rolling onto her tummy, eating things, being held, getting kisses, being swung in our arms, screeching and "Eensy, Weesy Spider".
- gets so excited and smiles so big when Sophia plays with her or when she sees Sophia for the first time after a nap
- became bffs with Granddad Carson during his visit for Christmas. She's pretty much happy with anyone as long as she's the center of attention, but when she's fussy she usually only wants me. It was nice to have someone else she'd calm right down for (and I think it made my dad feel special, too).
- had a sleep transformation. She had been breaking free of her swaddle for about a month, so right as I decided to stop swaddling her, she decided to start sleeping on her side. About a week later, she started sleeping on her tummy. I think maybe it's what she'd been missing in her life because now she sleeps MUCH better. It's adorable to see her curl up on her tummy with her little bum in the air :)
- takes 3 naps, eats once at night (hoping to eliminate that by next month)
- no longer seems to need her reflux medicine
- got another head scan for a helmet. She has a "borderline, mild deformity" so we'll have to make a decision in the next month or so about a helmet.

playing in their fort
Baby face is finally happy to hang out in Sophia's bed (much to Sophia's delight) 
my favorite 30 minutes of the week: napping in my arms at church 
Gracie loves the Christmas nativity! Her fav is eating the donkey.
First time she broke out of the swaddle to sleep on her side
Tummy sleeper!
Sometimes when the girls are sad, they both just want Mommy

 We love having grandparents visit! (note: Russ's photo bomb)


I can never tell if the lighting is different or if their skin tones are different. Probably both. Sophia is very pink.


Kent Carson said...

Looks like a lovely Christmas. And Yes, Grace DID make me (Granddad) feel very special. almost every time I held her she stopped fussing. We really did enjoy our trip, and hope all the best for your family in Zoo-ee-anna

Garrett and Krystal said...

What a cutie! It's fun to see how she grows!