Thursday, July 3, 2014

What's In A Name?

Russ and I are really intentional with our baby names. The "rule" is that either the first or middle is related to us or our choice (although ultimately we have to agree, of course). It's a fun way to make sure the names are meaningful, but it's a lot harder than just picking names we like. My other criteria for baby names was that they be common enough for people to be able to pronounce them correctly (since I've spent most my life with a mispronounced name), but not so common that there will be tons of them.

Russ's choice
Yeah, so much for not picking a popular name. Maybe we should've looked beforehand, but we honestly had no idea Sophia was and had been the #1 baby name for multiple years.

The story behind the name is that while Russ was on his mission in Washington, he was teaching a lady, who was later baptized, who had a young daughter named Sofia. Tragically, the daughter was kidnapped, and still (11 years later now) has not been found. So we wanted to honor and remember that little girl.
Adri's choice
Anne is for my name: Adrianne, and my Mom's middle name: Ann. Notice I kept the "e" on it so it honors mom a little more than grandma. :) haha Also, there's just something about "Anne with an 'e'" from Anne of Green Gables that brainwashed me into doing it.

Adri's choice
Grace, like Sophia, doesn't honor a family member, but still has a special meaning with it. When I was 15, I went to the DC Temple to do baptisms for the dead. While I was waiting for my turn, someone else was baptized for "Grace". Now that I've been to the temple more often I know it can be common for there to be little information given, but at the time, it hit me very hard that even though the world only remembered this woman as "Grace", the Lord knew her personally that He knows and loves me as well. I wrote about that in my journal and decided that one day I wanted to include Grace as part of a baby name to remember that experience. 

I always thought of Grace as more of a middle name than a first name. I preferred Katelyn Grace, but it didn't fit into our strict naming criteria (you know, the self-imposed one :D). Russ and one of my favorite former kindergarten students persuaded me to make it a first name. Plus, it's adorable to hear Sophia talk about "Baby Dace".
Russ's choice
Originally, we planned to make the middle name an Indian name because of our humanitarian trip to India a couple years ago, but....foreign names are just that, foreign, and we didn't find any we loved. Then we scoured our family trees and decided we had quite a few unfortunate names in our family history. Then we thought of Teralyn, and it seemed perfect. It flowed well with Grace and Lee, is pretty, and it honors 3 people in the immediate Lee family - Russ's Dad: Terry (Ter), Russ's Mom: Lynda (lyn), and Russ's sister: Teralyn! Boo-yah.


Amanda Impett said...

Both names for your girls are beautiful. Congratulations little Grace is so precious. I like that rule actually it does make their names more meaningful.

Rachel said...

Love love their names! And love this family! Miss you guys. Hope all is well.

Brandon and Lacey said...

How sweet! I love hearing how people choose baby names. What a great way to honor so many people. I chose my daughter's middle name from a similar temple experience. I love hearing her name because it reminds me of that experience.

Garrett and Krystal said...

It's neat to hear Sophia and Grace's name stories. I have had similar experiences trying to find family names in our family tree... Grace is beautiful hope you are enjoying this sweet time. :)

Lissa said...

I didn't know those stories. Cool!