Monday, July 7, 2014

Grace's Newborn Pictures

My friend, Brittany, came over last week and took newborn pictures of Grace. She did SUCH a good job. I love that we captured Grace as a squishy newborn, and in the pictures where she only has one eye open - that is very typical of her as a newborn. She often cracks only one eye open to check out what was going on, and then decides to go back to sleep. Now that she's 2 weeks old, she is alert and awake more often, but still spends about 75% of the time with her eyes closed - sleeping or crying. :)

It was really hard to pick which pictures to put on here, but here are some of my very favorites.

She has a small patch of gray hair above her ear. I love it. I like the think the Grace she is named for gave her a kiss on the head on her way down from heaven. 

Then I used the beautiful pictures to design her birth announcement. 


Rachel said...

Britt did a fabulous job! What sweet girls!

Lissa said...

Those really are fantastic newborn photos!

Garrett and Krystal said...

All those pictures are so sweet! She's a beautiful baby!