Monday, April 7, 2014

2014 So Far

I really haven't blogged about what we've been up to since Christmas/New Years, and since everyone else seems to have updated their blog this week, I wanted to jump on the bandwagon. We've been really busy around here with Russ's last semester of grad school, getting ready to move, and trying to keep busy during another cold winter. Mostly, we go on trips a lot. Sophia has now been on 20 airplane rides with 2 more coming up in the next week.

- Spent a couple weeks in Arizona before Russ started classes again on the 21st. We enjoyed the warm weather, ate out a lot, hung out with family a lot, and a fun trip to Old Tucson to see an old west town used to film movies.
- After we got back, Russ went straight into schoolwork. I went straight into errands (so many after being gone for a whole month), doctor visit (thank goodness everything was okay with baby), dental visits for the whole family, a craft class and volunteering for our housing community, and doing lots of indoor play groups to keep Sophia busy.
Sophia's first hike. She did great and walked for probably an hour of the 2 hours and still talks about the hike at Grandma's house.
Sophia was really scared of the fake gunfight at Old Tucson.
Old Tucson
- More creative indoor fun for Adri and Sophia. School and more school for Russ. Girls nights and couples game nights often.
- *Attempted* potty training for about 3 weeks. Then gave up for now.
- Russ took us girls to see Frozen on Valentine's Day - Sophia's first time in the theater. Good thing the theater was empty because Sophia climbed all over the seats, didn't understand why she would need to keep her voice down, and sang along (except she sang "Twinkle, Twinkle" during every song).
- At the end of the month Sophia and I flew to Virginia to visit my parents. It was a pretty chill trip, but sometimes those are my favorite kinds. Relax and hang out together. We did go to the zoo one day, and Sophia loved the pandas!
- Found out that we're having another GIRL!
Twins at play group.
Sophia's favorite room in the Children's Museum
Winter Carnival in St Paul. It was sooooo cold that we only stayed about 20 minutes.
With Grandma and Granddad "Dawson"
Airplane pro. Her movie, her sippy, and her snacks. 
Maybe a little inappropriate, but....this is from that one time when we almost potty-trained Sophia!
- Russ only had block classes, so he did finals and was officially done with his last class in grad school on March 11th! Now he gets to relax and play way too many video games before beginning work on June 2nd.
- Joined the YMCA and go twice a week. I love going and wish we would've done it sooner. Sophia, however, doesn't love daycare. As she puts it, "I go Y. I play with 'nother mommies. I cry. I okay. Grown ups come back!"
- Russ's birthday. He turned 32 and celebrated his old age by really re-injuring his back. He was basically an immobile invalid for 2 weeks. Thankfully, he's much better now, but still in pain and going to physical therapy twice a week now.
- Visited Tyler, Rachel, and "Baby Handrew" in Colorado for a week. It was pretty cold, and Russ was pretty injured, but we still managed to have a great time and get out and see some of the sights.
- As a birthday present for Russ, I surprised him with an overnight trip to the Wisconsin Dells where they have lots of resorts and water parks. They have great deals in the winter for their indoor attractions, so we headed there. Sophia was more afraid of the water park than I expected, but we had a great trip overall.
 Tyler and I with our kiddos. I love this picture so much!
 Russ's super low-key (because we were supposed to be on his surprise trip to the water park resort but had to re-schedule it with his back) birthday.

Some friends and I planned a Hunger Games-themed party. Russ and I were District 2 so we went as Cato and Clove, and I think we look pretty dang legit in our homemade costumes (plus my knifffeeeee).
- It has already been really busy so far. Before the month even started, there was something on the calendar for every single day except 1. I'm always amazed at how quickly the days fill up, but I like it.
- The highlights coming up are that we're flying to Houston to visit Lissa and Jason and apartment-hunt and then the following week we're taking a 3 day trip to Nauvoo to visit the Church History sights.
- It snowed about 8 inches on Friday, but then was 61 degrees today. Wahoo! It's probably the warmest 61 degrees has ever felt. There were SO MANY families out today after General Conference, and Sophia was able to play at the park in our "back yard" for the first time in probably 4 months.

One of these days I'll actually take another picture of my pregnant belly aka actually get dressed and do my hair. Then I'll post about the bay-bay. :) All is well, though. I'm getting big enough that bending is becoming an event and baby moves around all day long. I love it!


Jason and Lissa said...

You guys have definitely kept busy this year, but it's been doing fun stuff so that's worth it. Lots of cute and fun pictures!

I have to admit when you mentioned having something going on for every day in April and that you like it my thought was, "She's turning into Mom!" See, when I have something going on every day for a month I get anxiety. I don't handle stress well. :P

Amanda Impett said...

Love the updates...lots of fun and exciting stuff going on for your family. Congratulations on the baby girl. Glad all is going well.