Sunday, February 9, 2014


"Whoa-wah" is what Sophia calls herself. If you ask her to say, "Sophia" she says, "Do-e-ah", and if you ask what her name is, she'll tell you it's "Do-e-ah", but 99% of the time when she talks, she refers to herself in third person as "whoa-wah".

Sophia is 28 months old tomorrow, and although I still write her memories and quotable quotes in her baby book, I want to remember some specific things about my little girl since she is, in fact, a little girl now instead of a little baby (when this happened, I don't know).

As far as memories and stories go, there's always positives and negatives. I'll start with positives:
+ She's hilarious. Probably 50% of conversations Russ and I have include something funny she said. Usually she's so funny because she seems so grown up or she's imitating something we say. Lately she'll say, "No nigh-night! FIVE more mid-its" and point her little finger at us because she's saying something very important. She also wears her blanket like a cape and runs around saying, "Super Whoa-Wah!!!"
+ She's polite and generally very agreeable. Some things she says most often are, "Ohhh okay!", "Thank you", and "YEAH!!" In fact, she probably says "thank you" more often than I do. I find myself following her example on that.
+ She is a good eater and a good sleeper. She always has been. She even sleeps in until 8:30 still. Lately, she has been taking a LONG time to fall asleep, but she entertains herself happily in her crib, so it doesn't bother me (except that then she gets off-schedule and ends up going to bed much later).
+ She loves being with friends and babies. Nothing makes her more excited than being with friends, and I love watching her interact with babies. She's got a great mothering instinct with her baby dolls, too, and just last night while Russ was dozing on the couch, she put her blanket on him.
+ She's an observer. Although she's definitely not as mellow and easily entertained as other toddlers I know, I also don't really ever worry about her hurting herself either. When in new situations, she hangs back and observes for a long time before she "warms up".
+ She's pretty easy to discipline. There are definitely moments when I'll say no and she'll look me straight in the eye and do what I told her not to, but almost every time we've called out in warning or scolding, she ends up teary-eyed because she's scared/sad that we are upset with her. (Talk about melting a parent's heart)
+ She wants to be just like us. I'm secretly glad I have a little girl because she spends all day with me and imitates lots of things I do (putting on makeup, wanting to wear jewelry, carrying her purse, etc). She's also great at "helping" with the dishes and laundry.
+ She's interested in learning. She's definitely not the most advanced 28 month-old I know, and has never been ahead of the game as far as milestones go, but I'm proud of her for recognizing all her letters, numbers to 10 (higher when counting), and lots of colors. She loves books and recently has starting bringing books to me and saying, "Listen!" as she shows me the pictures and "reads" me the book. She asks questions and wants to understand her world. Kids are such sponges!

- She's not very independent. Playing by herself is hard for her, letting me do anything independently while she's around is not okay with her (but she leaves Russ alone most the time...), and she also wants to be held a lot - something I need to work on between now and July when baby brother/sister comes along.
- She hates getting dressed. It's hard to get places on time in the morning because I spend a lot of time fighting with her/ bargaining with her to get her into clothes.
- Sometimes every toddler has a hard time with wanting to do things they can't do or making choices that just aren't theirs to make. Even though I understand that, it's still hard to drag a screaming, thrashing child around in public.

Oh, and we've been easing into potty training, but today was the first day she actually went pee on the potty. She was so proud of herself!! That happened right before her nap, and after her nap she got her special big girl underwear and went potty the rest of the evening without accidents and once went all on her own without even telling me she needed to go. I'm not counting on potty training being easy, but at least for today, I basically think she's a genius.  :)
Sophia loves "geen dink" smoothies
ALL last semester, Sophia asked to go to campus with Daddy. Last month, she got her wish. They loaded up their backpacks, got bundled up, and rode the bus to campus while Russ printed out some things for his last semester!
First trip to the dentist. They were impressed with how well she did. She really liked the "teeth doctor"

First family picture. Sophia looks at this picture now and says, "Mommy. Daddy. Baby. Sleeping....WAKE UP!"
One of my all-time favorite pictures. Taken when Russ was gone visiting UMN campus 2 years ago. It was the first time Sophia and I were left on our own. :)
When Sophia was little, some of her very favorite toys were our old credit cards.
This is the little 4-tooth crawler we brought to Minneapolis.


Lissa said...

Oh my goodness, she has grown a lot in the 1.5 years you've been in Minnesota! And yay for the potty! I need to just buckle down and start Savannah...oh, and Savannah also hates getting her clothes on. Especially dresses. I'm trying to remember if Kiera went through a stage like that, but I don't think it must have been this bad if I can't remember it! :P

Carson said...

What a good idea to record these sweet little aspects of Sophia's personality! You'll be so glad you did in ten years when these days are a distant memory.

All the pictures are priceless;she's grown and changed so much. We can't wait to see you both so she can have some fun memories with her Carson grandparents!!