Saturday, May 4, 2013

One Video, Two Haircuts

Sophia and I both recently got haircuts from our friend, Marcie. Lissa asked for a picture of my hair, and I don't have one. I do have this cute video, which highlights 3 things (besides our haircuts): Sophia's elephant sound, smiling on demand, and how easily she goes to bed.

Sorry for the horrible lighting. The sun doesn't seem to shine in Minneapolis.

 Before, during...

...and after.


Carson said...

Pretty cute video showing all of Sophia's latest tricks!. I did not know you were planning to get your hair cut, but it looks cute!
Love Dad

Jason and Lissa said...

Nice haircut! That's a cute video. And I'm sure you put the part on there about how easily she goes to sleep just to irk me, didn't you? Haha! :)

Garrett and Krystal said...

You haircut is so cute and so is Sophia's. :) That was a fun video, Love her smile.:)

Chris and Mary said...

Cute haircuts!!! That Sophia is sure growing up fast :)