Saturday, April 27, 2013

Easter and Mom's Visit

My mom came to visit us for about a week around Easter. Luckily, it was actually nice weather (50's instead of 30's) while she was here, so we could do lots of fun things.
She looks so grown up and so adorable!
We went to the Como Zoo. We didn't really get any pictures of the animals, but we have lots of cute pictures of Sophia. :)
cutest animal at the zoo
 We went to our community Easter egg hunt, and later decorated eggs of our own and Sophia had a personal Easter egg hunt. It was cold and rainy on those days, so the hunts were inside. I was nervous Sophia would get trampled by other kids and not understand what to do, but she got the hang of it. After she picked up an egg, she had to open it and inspect the contents before moving on. It was a slow process.
All the people were a little overwhelming
Someone brought a bunny, and Sophia only poked at it. haha
Sometimes Sophia lays down in the oddest places...

Mom, Sophia and I went to do a tour of the Hill House mansion in St Paul. It was beautiful and very Downton Abbey - the family even lived in it during the same time period in the 1900s. It was fun to see the grand rooms upstairs, but it really reminded me of Downton when they took us downstairs and showed us the servants hall and kitchen and the breakfast dining room and formal dining room.

 Before church on Easter Sunday, we dyed Easter eggs. Sophia even got to do one. She didn't seem to think it was that big of a deal. While I was helping her lower the egg, she just kind of dropped it and then gave me a look like, "Come on mom. Just put it in the water."
I love candid pictures where I'm looking at Sophia adoringly :)

Even after living here for 8 months, Russ and I had never been to the Mall of America, so Mom, Sophia and I headed over to check it out. Sophia didn't love it at first because she wanted to run around rather than stand in a line, but once she was on the rides, she smiled and screamed and loved every minute.
If this picture was more zoomed out, you'd see the hoards of people avoiding her while she chilled out in the middle of the floor.
"No! I want to be free!"
This picture is for cousin Savannah
Sophia's face! That's the face she had as the train came around the corner and she saw me.
1st Carousel ride
She was trying to unbuckle and get off until the started and she realized it was fun!
Hot air balloon ride!
One thing I really liked about having mom here snapping pictures is that she took pictures of cute things Sophia does that I just experience every day, but never think to take pictures of. Such as...
Sophia loves helping in the kitchen so she drags a kitchen chair over and stands on it to watch/snack while I prep.
She often sits at the table. I've decided not to have her sit with us in a booster seat until she's better at using utensils, but she sure thinks she's big enough to sit with mommy and daddy (and grandma, in this case)
Like I said, she loves being in the kitchen. When it comes to the dishwasher, she is in charge on the utensils. Loading: she takes them all out and puts them in the living room or on the kitchen floor and then puts them all back in. Unloading: I open the drawer for her and she drops them in, but not in the right place since she can't see into the drawer.
We sure had a nice visit with mom. We're glad she can come as often as she does. Sophia loved Grandma. I hope she remembers her next time we see her, and she and signed "grandma" for several days after she left, wondering where she was. Here are some cute pictures of Sophia with her Grandma Carson:
Sophia loves clapping along to the fight song while I read the BYU book
"Helping" Grandma bake


Carson said...

What a bunch of very cute pictures of your very cute daughter! We sure packed lots of fun activities into those days I was there. I like the picture from the zoo where it looks like Sophia is wearing a giraffe hat.
I plan to write the blog post about my visits to my kids in the northern states in the next day or two, and I'll probably use some of the same pictures you put in your blog.
We need to skype with Sophia so she doesn't forget me!

Garrett and Krystal said...

So many cute pictures! (Who wants to take pictures of animals when you have a sweet toddler to take pictures of? :) ) Looked like you all had a fun time together.

jaewon smith said...

sophia is adorable in all of these pics! she's hilarious too

Jason and Lissa said...

Wait, almost none of those clothes in the pictures are Savannah's! :) Lots of fun and cute pictures here. Glad you had fun with Mom.