Thursday, May 9, 2013

18 Month Photo Shoot

We are finally having spring weather in the Twin Cities, so I decided it was time for a photo shoot!! Sophia also wore this ruffle romper last year in her 9 month pictures, so when I put her in it, I was afraid it would pinch and be too tight. It was pretty tight, but just when I was thinking about taking it off of her, I noticed her giggling. She LOVED wearing it, was so cooperative while I adjusted it and squeezed her into her, and then she insisted on wearing the pearl necklace.

There are a lot of pictures, BUT these only represent 8% of the pictures (I did the math). Most of them are from my camera, but I did have my very talented friend, Stephanie Hyde, help me with my camera settings, and some of the pictures are also from her camera. It's really amazing how DIFFERENT pictures can look by playing with the settings.

 What would a photo shoot be without props? Like...
A chair

A favorite teddy bear (or "gee gee" as Sophia calls it)


The playground

A blanket

 Here are some adorable serious shots. Sophia looks so good when she's serious.

She is also really irresistibly cute when she's laughing and being silly.

And sometimes she's cute and innocent.

The word people most often use to describe Sophia is "obedient". She really is for the most part, and it was fun to do a photo shoot when she was actually old enough to do what we told her to do. Don't think she was cooperative the whole time, though. She ran off to the playground a couple times. She'd point to the playground and say, "Guide?" (her word for "slide"). Then she'd take off.

Russ and I are so SO SO in love with our blue-eyed, rosy-cheeked, smart, BEAUTIFUL 18 month old. She is the center of our world, and we are very thankful to be her parents. Thank you, Sophia, for coming to our family!


Rachel Lybbert said...

All of these pictures are fantastic! She is BEAUTIFUL!!

Kadi A said...

SOOO cute! Her eyes are gorgeous! And you are such a good photographer!

Carson said...

Such wonderful photography of a beautiful little girl. You are blessed parents, as are Sophia's Grandparents!
We love you all!

Stephanie Hyde said...

super cute Adri

Michele said...

oh my goodness, so cute! and i love the lace romper. makes me want to go buy Claire one!

Ashley said...

So cute! My favorite picture is the one of her laying on her tummy on the blanket. Her eyes are amazing! Great job on the pictures!!