Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Post About Nothing

I'm really tired. Russ is at a boys night (aka video game party), and I just got home from hosting my first craft class (which I've probably spent a gazillion hours preparing this month). Writing this blog is helping distract me from how much I need to clean up in my living room before I go to bed. Most people probably aren't bothered by a little clutter, but I can't go to bed without having everything tidy.

I tried writing a post about all the things we've been up to lately, and deleted it all because I don't use this blog as a journal. I use my journal as a journal, and I already wrote in that last night.

Then I was going to write a post about all the things Sophia is doing these days, now that she's 17.5 months old. But I have been writing monthly inserts for her baby book about all of that already so the thought of writing more makes me tired.

So........I guess this is my blog update. For now. I'll end with a picture of my cute girl waving from her new favorite toy. She calls it "play" (in sign language). She also demands to have a ponytail and bow in her hair almost every day. Furthermore, I am not a big fan of baby molars. Good night.


Tyler said...

Sophia likes her hair in a pony tail and a bow so much!

Jason and Lissa said...

Fun toy! Sorry about the teething, it really is brutal. And I think it's great that Sophs wants you to put things in her hair; most kids seem more interested in pulling their bows OUT! :) How did the craft class go, anyway?

Kadi A said...

I want to come to your craft class!