Sunday, September 30, 2012

Messy Sleeper

Sophia is a messy sleeper. She was given that label when she was 1 day old. Here's the story: this time last year my friend/former roommate/bridesmaid, Jamie, told me I needed to have Sophia during one her clinical days in Labor and Delivery. Although it was a long shot, it actually happened! How fortunate! Even more fortunate was that by the time she came in, I was already in Mother Baby instead of Labor and Delivery. Normally this would be unfortunate because it means we didn't get to see her as often. Given the circumstances, however, it was fortunate because then we didn't have to have friendship redefining moments where she'd have to, well, be my nurse! While in the hospital, I never made it out of my room to even look at the nursery, but during one visit, Jamie told me all of the other babies were tightly swaddled but Sophia had blankets and limbs everywhere. Since then, she was and has been our "messy sleeper".

I decided to make a scrapbook page dedicated to her nickname because I've gotten so many crazy pictures. I am particularly proud of this page because even though it might not look like much to anyone else, I had to make every part of it from scratch - so it took a long time. It turned out exactly how I planned it in my head. Now I need to make a collage of pictures to go inside the thought bubble (symbolizing dreams, I guess) before it can be printed...

The problem is I have no idea which pictures to use or when to make this page because I literally take pictures of her sleeping positions at least once a week. Here are some of the highlights (I got a little carried away - I got pretty nostalgic looking at these pictures of my bitty girl!)

When she was a newborn, it was all about breaking free of the swaddle
5 days old
11 days old
3 days old
Obviously she is still swaddled here - I just can't believe she used to be tiny enough to sleep this way in her pack and play!

The transition beginning at 5 months - still sleeping on her back.
I think this was the first time she slept newborn style again.
Don't know why, but she loves to sleep with her face covered. Maybe it's warmer that way?
Snuggling with her credit card
I noticed that she has this blanket in almost every picture. One of my students gave it to me and it's her FAVORITE one because it's soft and fuzzy.
Of course, the sitting up and asleep picture.
Now she crawls around so much before falling asleep that I never know what corner or position she'll end up in
When I put her in bed, no matter how hot it is, she snuggles with her blanket or stuffed animal.
She just started sleeping on her tummy about 3 months ago, but it's cute to see her little booty in the air :)
Legs through the bar. Hand gripping bar.
By the way, Sophia rolled around in her crib for over an hour tonight, but is finally asleep - nestled in the back corner of the crib, on her side, using her blanket as a body pillow. Just like mommy and daddy like to sleep.


Garrett and Krystal said...

Your scrapbook page is so cute! I love the picture with her legs hanging out of her crib. :)

Carson said...

Hmm, I'm thinking you're going to need a bigger thought bubble to fit all those pictures you have of Sophia sleeping. It looks like it takes her a while to get comfy every night!

Stinson Clan said...

Haha, Sophs! So cute!

Brandon and Lacey said...

What a cute page you've created! And I love all the shots of her sleeping. My little Mason sleeps in the same, weird position every night. Imagine Sophia in the sitting position, then bending her upper body bending face toward her toes: that is how he sleeps.

If it were me I'd put one pic in the bubble each time and just change the shade of blue in the background for each picture... like how the color of the night sky changes as she changes her position.

Jamie Ward said...

It takes me back to when I saw her in the nursery at at the hospital. Her blankets were all over the place, but she was the cutest baby there.