Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Our New Home

I *finally* finished taking pictures of our apartment. Before we go inside, I want to explain a little about the outside. Sometimes I might refer to Como as an "apartment complex", but it's really not. It's a lot like Wymount, except there's no streets running through it. Rather, it's about 2 blocks worth of buildings connected by playgrounds, grass, and sidewalks, with parking lots on the edges.

There are at least a dozen of these buildings.

Inside of each building are 4 or 6 coreways, or enclosed stairwells. So although I live in a building with 6 coreways, I really only ever see the people in the 6 apartments consisting of our coreway.

 Okay, now we'll go inside. The first thing you see is the living room.
I love our couches and the new ottoman I got!
Behind the living room is the dining room and kitchen.
Sophia loves her new high chair. I think it makes our dining room complete!
QUITE a bit smaller than our old kitchen, but it gets the job done. And NO DISHWASHER! :(
 The stairs are just off the living room.
Nice little closet at the top of the stairs (Sophia is playing with highlighters, by the way)
Tiny bathroom with the shelves Russ put up for me
 Sophia's Room (the best room in the house)

 Our room (always the most boring room in the house)
If you notice a lot of lamps, it's because the bedrooms and living rooms don't have overhead lights
 I love decorating for Halloween! Here's my little decoration corner

 Speaking of Halloween (and therefore October), here is a preview of the CUTE 1 year pictures I took of Sophia yesterday :)
I can't get enough of this picture!!!!!!!!


Kadi Abel said...

Cute year 1 picture!! And I'm sad I'll never get to come over to your apartment..

Amanda Impett said...

Cute apartment and Happy first Birthday Sophia. I love your crafts and all the cute things you have done to decorate you can decorate for me anytime lol. Love you both and I'm glad you are settling in.

Garrett and Krystal said...

I love how Sophia is in almost every picture. (It's like she's following you around or something :) ) You do have a very nice apartment. That one year picture is darling! SO CUTE!

Megan said...

Hooray for new homes. So how far away do you have to park? And as you already know and everyone else has said, your daughter is beautiful and the photo is adorable.