Saturday, July 7, 2012


I am now a "retired" teacher, or as I more dramatically put it, "I'm unemployed!" To be honest, I'm not really sad about it. Maybe that's because it's still surreal because this is summer break anyway, but I don't think so. I have Sophia to hang out with, and moving to Minneapolis seems like a natural progression for our lives. I never planned on teaching 30 years or anything. In fact, I had always planned on teaching 2 years after my internship, which is what I did.

Right now, I don't see myself wanting to be at home forever, but I also don't see myself wanting to go back to full-time teaching any time in the next 10 years (or at least until all of my kids are in school). I can, however, see myself bring a part-time aide or I would LOVE to do a preschool from my own house someday.

I loved being a teacher. I especially loved the school I taught at. EVERYONE was kind, helpful, friendly - that includes staff, teachers and parents in the community. My first year, I had a DREAM class. The parents were unbelievably wonderful, and I had a huge class with a couple of hard students, but I really loved being half day, having my own aide, and how fun the kindergarten curriculum is. This year, I really didn't have any major behavior problems (could that be because I had 16 girls and only 11 boys?), but it still felt harder. I'm sure that is because I wanted to be home with Sophia as much as possible and because for several months I was running on very little sleep.

Also interesting was that even though I think I taught things the same, it really is true that each year a group of students can be different from the year before. My first kindergarten class was SO sharp. They caught on to everything extremely fast, especially reading. This year, my students did better at math and a  I had several great writers, but reading wasn't as strong. Enough talk, here are some pictures of my cute kindergarten class. I swear, I had an extremely BEAUTIFUL class this year.
 See what I mean? They're adorable, and several of them are more trendy than I am!

 I love the "goofy" faces kids think up.

 Sophia kept trying to swipe that poor girl's hat. :)

 Sophia walked in with me at the front of my class for graduation. I figured since she was born during the year, maybe the parents would want to see her. I also just really wanted to show her off. 

 The aides made her a graduation hat, and I was SO SAD I didn't get a picture of her wearing itat school. But instead it became a nice toy for her...
 ...until she slobbered it to shreds.

Here are a couple pictures from throughout the year:
 The first week of school - actually having to TEACH walking in a line. It's hilarious the way they'll start off walking, but then once the first person gets through the door, suddenly the line turns into a mob of kids all trying to get through the door at the same time. 

Thanksgiving Feast

 Dance festival costumes. We danced to "Under the Sea"
 fishy faces!

 Scarecrow Day!

Look at this gem! I brought Sophia to school on Halloween when she was exactly 3 weeks old. Scooby Doo is my lifesaver of a substitute, Mrs. Peck. (I feel like such a bad, clueless mother that I was parading Sophia around in just a onesie. I didn't even bring her socks!)

Thanks for everything, Kindergarten.  I'll miss you! Love, Mrs. Lee


Jason and Lissa said...

You had a lot of fun with those kids, and I'm sure they will always love their kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Lee. Enjoy staying home--it will be especially fun as Sophs starts getting more mobile! :)

Chris and Christina Taylor said...

I'm so glad you get to be at home now with your little girl! I think we might be twins in another life because what you said about teaching and maybe opening a preschool in your own home is EXACTLY what I have been thinking for some time :) Good luck with your move, I hope all goes well!