Tuesday, October 18, 2011

One Week

It is extremely hard to believe that our little girl is already a week old. I didn't think I would post so often, but I did want to post about how the first week has been - especially all of the adjustments. Sorry it turned out so long.

  • For the first couple of days, nursing was really hard. Part of this was because we'd try to keep her to our schedule instead of the other way around, especially when we were in the hospital and had lots of visitors. Once we got home and I put myself on her schedule, things have gone much more smoothly. Plus, now I think we've got this eating figured out.
  • I took her to the pediatrician on Friday. First of all, that was a scary drive. I felt like every car on the road was a major threat who could hit us and hurt my baby. haha But going to the pediatrician 2 days after being home was sort of an "okay. I've been on my own for a couple days, NOW I have questions I didn't have in the hospital, and AM I DOING OKAY?" Our pediatrician is excellent. He rested all of my fears, answered all my questions, and Sophia is doing great!
  • This may be the fluke of her being so little still, but this girl is already sleeping for 2-3 hours at a time during the day and 3-4 hours at a time at night. The first couple nights home, we were up every hour, but now it's me who wakes up to make sure she's still breathing because she's been sleeping so long! So besides being confined to the house, I've been able to get a lot done (and get some naps in too). 
  • She hated her first bath. Screamed the whole time. Last night she seemed better about it. She is so sweet after her bath because she's wide awake but super calm. We just snuggle, and that is one of my FAVORITE times with her.
  • Babies are learning just like us, and they are very forgiving. Three times now, mommy did not put her diaper on tight enough and she ended up wiggling around to where her diaper was half way down and she'd pee/poop all over. Poor girl. I must admit the first time this happened, I laughed hysterically at her cute little plumber's crack while Russ cleaned poo off of her, her clothes, her blanket, her bed, and her BACK.
  • So far, she doesn't fuss much at all and she doesn't really spit up at all. Maybe those things will come later though, but for now, she's spoiling us just as much AFTER birth as she did during pregnancy and labor! We sure love our little angel girl.
  • Physically, I feel good. I am tired, but not needing stitches has made recovery fine. I do periodically get backaches, feel swollen, and sometimes my stomach hurts (or is it my stomach? Where is my stomach anyway? Has it already gone back to it's previous location or is it still shoved up wherever it was?). I feel less than my best, but you feel that way when you're pregnant too, so I'm used to it.
  • To be honest, maybe it's because Sophia's arrival was unexpected and happened so fast, but sometimes I miss feeling her move around inside me. I'll feel a little pop or something and automatically think it was her, but she's not in there anymore! I didn't expect that feeling. I guess being pregnant had just become my "normal".
  • I am terrible about sleeping when she sleeps. I have no idea how being in my apartment 24/7 can keep me so busy.
  •  Nursing is probably the strangest thing my body has ever experienced. I had no idea it would be such a high learning curve or be so wet. It's really cute, though. Sometimes while I'm burping her, she'll fall asleep and then I'll just fall asleep too. I call it our special mommy and Sophia nap and make sure we have it at least once a day.
  • Perhaps this is because the sleep deprivation hasn't kicked in yet, but I was telling Russ that being woken up in the middle of the night really doesn't bother me at all because there's nothing else I'd rather be doing than helping my baby feel better.
  • The biggest adjustment for Russ and I is not being able to go places together. We don't want to take Sophia out while she is so little, but we have tons of shopping to do still since we were SO unprepared for her to come 3 weeks early. It's hard to coordinate that.
Now for some pictures! (Disclaimer: after I uploaded these, I realized just how many pictures we take of her either in her bed or sitting in her boppy, but always swaddled. I guess it's a good representation because she hasn't really been anywhere else the whole time we've been home!)
Yawn! Look at that cute button nose.
During bath
After bath
Watching the BYU game with quarantined daddy
At least when she escapes from her blankets she is usually useful with her hands :)
The club-like toe we laugh at, but still think is SO CUTE
My attempt at posing her
We love it when she's awake!
hahahha. Maybe it's still a little too big, or maybe I didn't put it on correctly.
Uncle Tyler decided to turn her into a unicorn. He took advantage of her while she was sleeping!
We hold hands a lot :)


The Christensen's: said...

She is so darling!! I am so glad that your first week has gone so smoothly!!

J+K=Fly said...

It's so weird seeing you with her, because that means my time is coming up! and it doesnt seem real yet! She's super cute, and you make a super cute mommy.

Rachel Lybbert said...

You know, a lot of babies aren't very cute when they're first born, but Sophia is just BEAUTIFUL!! I'm glad things are going so well for all of you.

Stinson Clan said...

Leave it to Uncle Tyler to come up with making a pacifier into a unicorn horn! Such a cutie! And you're still running on adrenaline--talk to me when I'm there in December and see if you're tired yet. :)

Wendy said...

She is so cute! I am glad that you both are doing good.