Friday, October 7, 2011

General Conference and Projects

We had a busy and exciting General Conference weekend. One of Russ's brothers and his wife (Ben and Vicki) came to visit and were our first house guests! My brother and his wife and baby (Garrett, Krystal, and Daniel) also came into town. It was great to see everyone, and we got lots of baby projects done! These pictures are mostly for the members of our family who weren't here - especially the ones who missed out on seeing Daniel!
Lees and Carsons before the men went to Priesthood Session
(Mom, this picture is mostly for you)
Russ working on the baby dresser/changing table
Daniel helpin' out with his very own hammer!
Daniel and mommy read books.
He's so good at turning the pages!
Daniel posing for the camera
I made pillows for our new couch
Russ and Ben also assembled the crib, now I need to girl-ify it
I made a cover for the boppy pillow.
Here's a close-up of the fabric. Over the past few months, I've been looking for an excuse to buy it because it's so cute!
Finished! Russ did such a great job assembling it! (It's just missing the changing pad)
My mom helped me sew this car seat cover a couple months ago. Russ and I finally bought a car seat to put it on!
Inside of the car seat cover and showing off the car seat pattern.
This is baby's outfit to wear home from the hospital. Russ really did hang it up right by the door because he wanted to see it every day and so we could grab it on our way out the door to the hospital.
I think I know why he likes the outfit so much. :)


Jason and Lissa said...

What fun pictures! Daniel is so cute! I love the furniture and the cute outfit. Can't wait to see you in December and see your new place and sweet baby!

Carson said...

Where to start, where to start...there were so many great pictures in this blog post!

Thanks for the pictures of the Carson/Lee men on the way to the priesthood session, and of course the sweet pictures of our exceedingly adorable grandson.

All your sewing projects look so good; I love the fabric on the pillows and the boopy cover (and the car seat cover, too, but I'd seen it before.) I hope the sewing has become more enjoyable and less frustrating for you as you get more experienced.

It looks like you've been using your free time very productively before Sophia is born.

Garrett and Krystal said...

We had such a good time visiting you guys!

That's a really good idea to make your own boppy cover. It's so cute too!

It looks like Sophia's room is coming together. It is all so pretty too. :)

Amanda Impett said...

Perfect timing with the projects it looks like and getting the car seat. Welcome Sophia and best wishes to you both as you adjust to being parents.