Wednesday, May 25, 2011

17 Weeks

Wow. I can hardly believe I'm almost half-way through this pregnancy. The second trimester has been so calm that I am almost nervous it's too easy. With only a week left of school, I am looking forward to spending the summer sewing and making other crafts and decorations for this baby and the nursery - after we find out what we're having on JUNE 15th!

Other than the growing tummy, here's how the last 5 weeks have been since I last blogged:
- I hardly throw up anymore. In fact, it's been over a week! Whoohoo!
- Although I no longer feel EXHAUSTED all the time, I do sleep much more.
- My appetite is pretty much back to normal, although I've noticed that I don't crave sweets as often as I used to. The smell of super sweet things makes me sick. Perhaps that's a good thing.
- Sometimes I experience cramps when I move too quickly or just feel stretching in general as my abdomen is - as the doctor said - "blossoming"
- I've started to have some low back pain (mostly when I sit on our uncomfortable couch)
- The almost constant need to use the bathroom didn't hit me at first, but it is starting to now. It's kind of fun. It makes me feel pregnant more than almost any of the other symptoms, but I'm not sure why.
- In my past 8 weeks of appointments, I haven't gained a single pound. Since I am definitely bigger in my tummy than at 8 weeks pregnant, Russ says I must just be losing muscle mass. He always knows just what to say! :P

Russ really likes this 2nd picture. I think I'm bigger in real life than in these pictures. A friend at church said to me, "You don't necessarily look pregnant. You could just be bloated." Hm. Thanks? Who knows what I'll look like at 40 weeks, but for now I just have a little pooch sticking out all the time - and it's getting harder to button up my pants!

Lately when Russ and I talk about baby, we accidentally say "he". Hm. Maybe that means our subconscious minds think it'll be a boy, despite what we said before about both thinking it's going to be a girl. We'll be overjoyed with either one.


Amanda Impett said...

I'm glad you are doing so well and enjoying this experience. Who knows you could just one of these days pop out and show but you are showing a little I can see it but then again I don't see you everyday.

Garrett and Krystal said...

Glad to hear your feeling good. The second trimester is definitely a fun one, lots more energy, not sick, getting to feel the baby move... :) I felt the same way about starting to show. It seemed like it took forever! But at the end I was glad. It just means less time feeling big and awkward! We're excited to hear what you are having too!

Jason and Lissa said...

You call that "showing"? I want you to look at yourself at 17 weeks, then go back on my blog and find the post I did with the pictures from when I was 19 weeks! :P And speaking as one who is literally counting down the days (6 weeks 2 days) until this huge belly of mine gets to go away, I will agree with Krystal. Second trimester is the best of the three. I had lots of energy in April. Now I have NONE.

Chris and Mary said...

Almost half-way through! It's crazy to think about! I have to admit, I laughed when I saw your 17 week picture--I don't see a bump of any kind (you lucky girl, you)! You do have more of a bump in your second picture, though ;) Good to hear that you're mostly through the morning sickness and onto the second trimester! Can't wait for June 15th!

Jason and Lissa said...

It looks like your back is arching quite a bit. Nice try, Adri.... :) Lets take another picture in a few more weeks and try this again. :)