Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Neat, Nostalgic, Nutritious, Nonstop NOVEMBER

 This has been quite the fun-filled month! My cute "decoration tree" shows that it's Thanksgiving!! The ornaments are much cuter than anything I could have made. I pretty much adore them. Anyway, in addition to this month being Thanksgiving and the beginning of the holiday season, Russ and I had an extra fun month because we took not ONE, but TWO trips together.

I will tell you about the trips after this turkey picture because blogger is being difficult :)

For my Primary lesson this month, we were talking about the way we could serve our families, and I decided to make a service turkey! It turned out pretty cute.

Our first trip was to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Russ went for a Housing conference. I tagged along, and we had a really great time. Russ served 4 months of his mission in Coeur d'Alene, and we actually found his old apartment! Grandma and Grandpa live just 30 minutes away in Spokane, so it was really nice to spend a day visiting with them in their cute new apartment, and I got to meet Russ's really nice cousin, Adam, and his wife. They were both really friendly and kind to me. I loved hanging out with them. Basically, while Russ was in meetings, I got to hang out with family!

Russ, Adam and motorcycle.
I also got to visit Great Grandma and Grandpa Bates. Great Grandma is 96 years old, but still really sharp!
One of Russ's favorite places to meet investigators. (Just kidding...but he did get really excited that this place was still around.)
Russ's first apartment on his mission.
The most massive dessert Russ and I weren't able to finish.
Our room was really nice. We loved the steps leading down to the balcony, overlooking the lake (or mostly, the parking garage)
Looking at our dessert (in the picture before) and wondering how in the world we would eat it all.
The view from our balcony.

When we got home, I came home to report card deadlines and Russ came home to a couple of messes his residents caused. One involved police and, well, freshman aren't always the smartest....especially in  groups....or late at night.

A week after our first trip, we braved the BLIZZARD to drive up to the Holden's for Thanksgiving. The drive really was scary for a while. It wasn't snowing that much, but the wind was blowing so hard that we could hardly see the car in front of us. Then when we got out of the storm, the roads were big sheets of ice. We've decided we'll probably fly to Boise from now on. Once we got there, however, we had a great trip. It was really relaxing, the food was great and the company was better! Thank you, Holdens, for letting us invade your home for Thanksgiving! We loved our time up there!

 Russ got a black eye playing "church ball" while we were in Boise. Apparently there is someone else out there tall enough to elbow 6'4" Russ in the eye.
Russ, Steve and Andrew went to their ward's turkey bowl (sorry - I cropped Andrew out because he was blinking. Probably better to have no picture than a blinking one). We were pretty surprised at how long they played, considering it was about 10 degrees that morning.
Last year when we were in Boise, we went to their Festival of Trees, and we went again this year. It is really fun to see all the trees. This "Hungry Catterpillar" one was my favorite.

Britney and I made a pretty incredible turkey again. I think we've got the process down to a science now. I actually really like to cook Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls.....mmmm. Here are my annual turkey prepping pictures (I guess I didn't take one last year):
2006 - Acting Natural
2007 - Just Chillin with my Headless Friend

2008 - Meditation
2010 - My Beautiful Baby! (This turkey was too heavy to hold in some funny pose)


Jason said...

Maybe you can visit us next year and cook a turkey for us!

Carson said...

What a bunch of really great pictures! Your harvest ornaments and service turkey are really cute.

The pictures from your trip to Couer d'Alene were fun. Russ's mission apt. looked pretty nice. Looks like you had a good time.

Holding a raw turkey and taking a picture is a unique holiday tradition, but now that you've started, you have to keep it going!! I'm glad you like making Thanksgiving dinner; maybe Dad and I'll have to come to your house for Thanksgiving next year!

Ashley said...

Your hair looks hotttt! haha. really though, I love the bangs! :)

Chris and Mary said...

haha Poor Russ with his black eye! I'm sure Chris would've loved to play with the guys. Sounds like a fun month!!