Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Showing Off

Here are a couple cool things I wanted to show off:

First, the INCREDIBLE (according to me) Halloween blocks I designed and made. I can't take all the credit because my friend, Michele, gave me the idea to do it and helped me find the paper and had most of the supplies I used. I especially love the glittery black paper for the letters!
Russ says it looks like "B Q O". What do you think?
Second, the firemen came to kindergarten to teach us about fire safety! It was the dad of a student in my class, but he brought the whole crew. We got to go inside of an ambulance and firetruck, they gave a great presentation, and even dressed me up in all the gear. I pretended to be embarrassed, but was secretly having a great time.
The kids thought this was pretty hilarious

Third, a cool thing our PTA did to kick off Red Ribbon Week was have each student in the school let go of a red balloon with a sticker on it saying, "I pledge to be Drug Free". They also had a hot air balloon launch from our school field. It was really a unique and breathtaking sight.


Jason and Lissa said...

Aw, Adri is a fireman! And yes, it kind of looks like BQO. But I know what it's *supposed* to say. :D

Sounds like your school this year is a TON better than the school you were at last year!

Garrett and Krystal said...

Those are some pretty cool things! The blocks are way cute. It looks like you and your class had a fun time with the firemen. Fun stuff!

Carson said...

Love, love, love the blocks. I might have to copy your idea.

You make a great fire fighter. Looks like kindergarten is really a blast!