Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Experimenting with digital scrapbooking
(Does anyone do it? I need help getting started)

Getting curtains for our bedroom - after only 6 months
Living room curtains are soon to follow...

Enjoying Netflix with Holdens and Stapleys

Testing positive and then negative for TB (whatever that does/doesn't mean)
Thinking health departments are ridiculous

Arranging flowers in a glass cube

Spending almost every day with the Holdens before they move
(stolen photos courtesy of facebook!)

Putting up with EFY students EVERYWHERE -
not doing a good job being happy about it

Making the world's smallest wedding bouquet.


Jason and Lissa said...

Cool chest x-ray! I want one!

Adri and Russ Lee said...

It's not really my x-ray. Mine didn't have that straight of a spine, sadly.

Tyler said...

you don6t have a heart!

Bonnie & Brian said...

Heya, I tried leaving a msg w/ my friend on her blog a/b the scrapbooking, but haven't heard back, so I found her email finally... I'll let you know if I hear back from that. Oh yeah, and, please do come by to use my sewing machine for the drapes if you still need!!

Carson said...

The curtains look great, and so do your bouquets. The TB test-- not so much. Sounds like you and Russ are having your usual good times!!

Phillips Flips said...

Someday I want to be a superstar homemaker like you! I still haven't opened up that sewing machine my mom sent me...Your blog totally makes me miss those fun newlywed BYU days. Enjoy them!