Monday, January 9, 2017

Stinsons Visit & Disneyland

The day after we got back from Arizona, Lissa's family came to visit! The girls especially had a lot of fun playing together. We've missed them since we left Houston last year!

We spent the first few days hanging around the house (and Sophia developed a mysterious stomach ailment), and for the day and a half, we went to Disneyland! It was SOOO crowded. In fact, it was at capacity and they began turning people away. How many people does it take to get to capacity? Google says 80,000. Yeah. Luckily we got there right when it opened so we could do a few things before it filled up, and then we took advantage of using Fast Passes to ride more rides. Overall, I'd say it was a successful day (even though Sophia spent the whole time sick in the stroller and we even waited in line for the bathroom so she could go throw up). We said goodbye to the Stinsons that night, and our family went back to Disneyland again the next day. It was raining, however, so we didn't last long before we called it a day and drove back home.

Using the free slurpee coupons from Grandma! Apparently Grace was too drunk to pose for this picture...

New Years Eve dance party (the night before Sophia was sick)

reading bedtime stories to all the Mrs. 

Carson "must-ache" you a question! 

Carson having a tummy time with Uncle Jason #whodiditbest

Pictures from Disneyland - not in any order:

 Star Tours! We told Sophia to squeeze our hands if she got scared. She squeezed them the entire time, and I looked over several times and heard her screaming about wanting to get off the ride. Our little daredevil. ;) 

Forcing Carson to take a selfie with me in front of the giant Christmas tree!!

Grace only agreed to be in the picture if she could make that face. 

Nap break! 

It's so cute to watch the girls get excited about the parades. Grace was clapping and waving to all the floats. (Poor Sophia was too sick to care :/ ) 

The first two times we'd been to Disneyland, I was pregnant and couldn't go on any big rides! So Russ stayed with the kids and I went with Lissa's family. As you can see by my face in this picture, I really enjoyed it. haha

We happened to be right by the castle as it did it's transformation with holiday lights. It was really pretty! 
This was right before they changed the lights. Still very pretty.

The sea of people and the lights on Main Street 

Jason and Grace became bff on this trip. Now she likes to give me "big hugs" and "soft hugs" like Uncle Jason taught her. 

 Baby Mickey Mouse ears!

rainy day at California Adventure 

 Carson made some very intense facial expressions during the few rides he went on. (this was in the Little Mermaid ride)

 Uncle Jason and Aunt Lissa bought the girls (and Jason) build-a-bears! Grace was particularly delighted!

The #1 thing Sophia wanted to do was meet Princess Elana (she is new since we'd been there in September). Mission accomplished!

 family picture! (it looks like Russ is trying to conceal his identity...)

For Grandma: Our attempt at a group shot of all the kids. Sophia was really sick and Carson is obviously not enjoying himself, but it's pretty good overall! Grandma, you'll see it again in this upcoming year's grandchild calendar ;) 

 We had an awesome time with the Stinsons and are so glad they could come visit!!


Brianna said...

Maybe Russ is just trying to hide his halo 😉

Lissa said...

We sure had fun with you! Thanks for letting us come visit.