Saturday, June 24, 2017

Grace's 3rd Birthday Video

Gracie turned THREE yesterday! I often tell her she's the silliest girl I know. She has a lot of personality, loves playing pretend with her toys, would swing all day if we let her, says really hilarious things, and refuses to wear anything she doesn't think is fancy.

When she puts of a dress, she does a "twirl test" and then she sees if it's long enough to billow out around her when she sits down. Many a beautiful dress has failed the Gracie fancy dress test - usually because most dresses for little girls are knee-length, and therefore not long enough to touch the ground when she crouches down. This strict criteria led her to spend her life as a two year old basically alternating between wearing fancy princess nightgowns (day and night) or raiding Sophia's closet to wear her church dresses (because they're longer). Luckily, besides being very particular about her clothes being fancy, she skipped the "terrible" part of the "terrible twos".

We're so happy Grace is part of our family! She asked to celebrate her big day with "a fancy lellow birt-day", and we were lucky to have Grandma and Granddad Carson in town for the occasion.

Some memorable and cute quotes from the year:
“I’m not a big girl. I’m Gacie-goo!”
“I need you nuggle me” 
Grace:“1-2-3-4” Mom: “What comes next?” Grace:”4-a-half” (she must hear Sophia telling people she is 4 ½ a lot)
-    “I HOPE they call me on mission. To teach and peach and play like missionary do”
-       “You da best mommy evah”
-    “Mom, you phone is crying” (when it was ringing)
-    “I’m the mom. You da honey.” (favorite thing to tell Sophia when they play pretend. I’m guessing the ‘honey’ is the kid, since that’s what I call the girls)
     “Say ‘OH GOOD’ and be happy!”
     “What’s up” and “For reals” (things she's picked up because she has an older sister)
     "Mom, when me going be a white dog?"

*  *As a side note, can I just say how impressed I am with how many of these video clips show Grace in something OTHER than the aforementioned princess nightgown or fancy church dress? Maybe she doesn't wear them as much as I thought - but when we're home - yes, it's basically all she wears. 

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