Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy Birthday to Grace!

Gracie baby turned 1 last week! She's my favorite one year old in the whole world! :) I don't know whether or not she realized it was her special day, but Sophia had fun counting down the days and telling everyone about it! Despite her birthday being 6 days before our move, we managed to have a party with as many friends as our apartment could handle! I originally planned to have the theme be "You are my sunshine" because Grace loves be outside, but in the past month or so, she has taken such a big preference to playing with anything round, I changed it to polka dots/balls. We had balls, bubbles, balloons, ate meatballs (among other things), and had a good time celebrating Grace!

Sophia liked helping open the presents

 Stealing all the balls she could find

Cake face! 

This picture is fuzzy, but best captures how she handled the cake. She got a little messy, poking her fingers in the frosting, but wasn't interested in the actual cake - even after I cut her little pieces.  Not sure if she was full or didn't like it or wanted to play instead of eat.

 haha I love this. It's so triumphant!

the older kids + Grace checking out the bubbles 

I wanted to be sure and get a family picture at the party since we had forgotten to do that at Sophia's 1st birthday party. Unfortunately, we didn't have the best cooperation from a certain family member...

Happy Birthday, Grace!

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