Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas 2013

Our Christmas in Arizona wasn't white, but we were just fine with that! We've been here for almost a month, and honestly haven't thought about going home with anything but a little sadness. Last winter we were gone a lot also, but this winter seems harder already because Sophia loves being outside so much. Last year she was still little enough that it didn't really matter what we were doing. So, we've really enjoyed weather and temperatures that allowed us to do things like this:
Note our short sleeves and flip flops :)

One evening we went to the Mesa Temple to see the Christmas lights with Grandma and Grandpa Lee.
Sophia loved running around the grounds and trying to touch all the water she could see.
checking out the nativity

This is how Sophia puts her hands on her hips. Now we're working on ribs vs hips. :)
Showering the baby cousins with love, including sharing her own beloved blanket and binky. (Maybe smothering instead of showering?)
 I didn't get enough pictures of our big family gatherings, but rest assured that they were loud and chaotic (because that's what happens when there's 40+ people, most of them kids, under one roof), but lots of fun. Sophia especially loved being with so many "cousin friends".

Gingerbread house time!
 First she was content to watch. Then she wanted to check it out.
 The natural next step was to taste the frosting, and then she helped decorate the roof all by herself. :)

Sunday before Christmas

Sophia opened her tea set first (mostly because I forgot to wrap it), and was perfectly content to play with it the entire time everyone else opened presents.
I LOVE the stockings my mom sewed for us. She's so talented!
Sophia "ooh"ed, "wow"ed, and gasped as she opened every present. It was so cute, and then she tried to open them using the knife from her tea set. :)

Russ's Christmas gift from Chevron

One of Sophia's favorite gifts was a backpack from Grandma Carson. She'd put it on and say she was "going campus with Daddy".
And then she wore the backpack every waking hour for the next several days :)
Russ helping in the kitchen on Christmas morning.
New Years Eve fireworks

Next week we have to go back to our real lives, and back to much colder temperatures. We're so grateful to Russ's parents for putting up with us for so long, and for treating us to so many meals, movies, and babysitting!!!! :)


*Welcome To Crazy* said...

Soph has the same PJ's Kez and Lex had for Christmas!!
Miss you guys

Jason and Lissa said...

Awww, looks like you're having fun! Sophia's hands on her "hips" is so cute! And it's great when the kids start "getting" what Christmas is all about, isn't it?

Also...her hair is getting longer!

P.S. What a cute Christmas dress Sophia is wearing! ;)

Carson said...

All these pictures really make me miss your family (especially Sophia)! The family picture on the Sunday before Christmas was very nice.

I'm glad you had such a wonderful time in Arizona in the warm weather. It looks like you got out and did lots of cool things. That was fun how Sophia got the hand of decorating the gingerbread house.

I think my favorite pictures are the ones of Sophia playing with her tea set.

I'm so glad Sophia likes her backpack and hope you keep it loaded up with her stuff, so she can use it to go to campus.