Sunday, January 20, 2013

Arizona Trip

We were home for one week between our trip to Virginia and our trip to Arizona. During that time, we got lots of things done because Russ didn't have school and most of our friends were still out of town.

Also during that week, Sophia got as sick as she's ever been. We learned that when she's sick, she doesn't really get cuddly like most kids do (and like I secretly hoped she would be). She's just the opposite. She'd cry really hard, but slap us away every time we tried to offer any type of comfort. So she spent a couple different times curled up in a ball crying with Russ and I hovering over her, wishing we could help. Not too surprisingly, the only thing that would take her out of her inconsolable crying fit was asking her if she wanted to watch Baby Signing Time. No joke. So, then she'd calm down and get cuddly, and we took advantage of those photo opportunities. :)

 I'm feeling too lazy to put my pictures in order, so here is a picture of a wreath I decorated at our community craft night. I love it so much, and I learned to make felt flowers because of it! Every time I see it on my door, I think, "Wow. That's a cute wreath."

  You can't really tell from this picture, but Sophia is looking very grown up with her pony tails. They can go on the back of her head now rather than on top of her head. And she likes to wear my scarves. Beyond that, though, she was not thrilled when some of her cousins tried to play dress up with her in Arizona. I guess the accessories have to be her idea.

1:30 church this year. This is how poor, sleepy Sophia felt about it.

I wish I would have taken more pictures in Arizona. As if the trip itself wasn't fun and wonderfully busy enough, we had the added bonus of feeling that we had been transported from winter to spring. It was marvelous. Here's a little run-down of our schedule:
  • visited 6 siblings and their families in their homes at least once
  • had a big family dinner on Sunday
  • did a session in the Mesa Temple
  • saw 2 movies
  • Russ went to a Suns basketball game with his dad
  • hung out with two of our friends who live in AZ
  • Sophia got loved and adored by her numerous cousins at every place we went
  • ate lots of good food
  • wore t-shirts because it was 70 degrees
  • went to their family cabin for 4 days to meet up with our friends who live in New Mexico
The Olsens!!! Brian, Avery, Bonnie, Aspen, and baby #3

Baby Signing Time does it again. Even the older girls loved watching these shows at the cabin.

One day, we bundled up the girls and went sledding.
Russ threw a snowball in this picture, and I caught it mid-air (at least on camera)

"Mom. Why are you taking another picture of me?"
She's so cute in her snow gear!

Sophia's smile was short-lived. She was NOT a fan of . Or snow. Or the cold.

Daddy bringing Sophia back to the cabin. 
Sophia holding on for dear life.

This is where I hung out during most of the short sledding trip. None of the girls seemed to like it much, and Sophia cried whenever I wasn't holding her.

Sophia enjoyed having a friend to play with/ steal toys from. Aspen is 9 months older, but they're the same size. 

About half the family gathered on Sunday for dinner. These happen often, but this one seemed more fun because we had a child who was part of the chaos. Sophia has 4 Lee cousins who are very close to her age and two of them were there. Sophia stole their cookies and got into fights over stuffed animals with them (she's not used to sharing...), but someday I hope they'll be good friends!
 Gathered around YouTube videos

Sophia's favorite thing to do these days is eat bananas. She learned the sign for "banana", and I like that it's so easy to hand it to her and let her feed herself.

My prettty girl with her pigtails.
(Right after we played outside, I went back in and took her sweater off because it was too hot!) 

Sophia was still feeling sick while we were at Grandma and Grandpa Lee's house.

Sophia is really attached to her blanket. Every time I go in to pick her up from her crib, she's standing just like that: binky in, blankey in hand. I hope it's a result of all this traveling, but this attachment might stick around a while. We'll see.

Thanks to all the animals Sophia got to interact with on our trip, she now knows the sign language for "cat", "dog" and "horse". Maybe now she won't call animals "baby" like she did when she saw deer! :P

 In summary, we had a really great visit with Grandma and Grandpa Lee in Arizona!

We're sad to be back in FREEZING COLD Minnesota. Our high temperature tomorrow is in the negatives. Bleh. At least it's too cold to add new snow.


Jason and Lissa said...

Sophs is getting SO BIG! I can't wait to see you two this weekend. Too bad Russ can't come! It looks like you had a great visit, even if Sophs doesn't like the snow. :)

Carson said...

So sad to see the pictures when Sophia didn't feel well. I think your wreath is really pretty, too! Maybe you can hang a heart from the middle and use it for Valentine's day, too.

I think I'll print that picture of Sophia with her pigtails to put into one of our picture collage frames. It seems like she's changing so much every month!

Garrett and Krystal said...

I love Sophia's pig tails. Cute! Sad she was sick. It's no fun to have a sick kid. :( I think your wreath is very pretty too! It makes me want to learn how to make felt flowers... I so understand about the cold! It's a good day when we are above 0! (And a heat wave when we got to the low 30s a week ago! :) )