Sunday, February 13, 2011

Finally! A Name for Our Car

Two Face because that's what it looks like right now:

I was driving to work on slushy/icy roads on Tuesday, and while trying to switch lanes, lost control. It was just long enough that I remember thinking, "Okay. I am back in control. No I'm not. I'm going to smash into the median." After that, I just remember screaming as my car slammed into the median in the front, fishtailed and hit in the back, and then righted itself and stopped just 3" shy of scraping the whole side of my car against the median. I am fine, I didn't hit anyone else (a miracle considering the amount of spinning and the number of cars on the freeway), the damage was mostly on the body of the car so I still drove it to school and back home that day, and the Highway Patrol was really nice.

I didn't know what to do. The car behind me also stopped so I thought, "Oh great. I hit them." but after a minute they drove off, so my guess is that they were calling the police for me. I was too busy trying to call Russ to find out who to call. I couldn't get a hold of him so ended up dialing 911, and by the time I did they were already there. They were the ones to let me know my car was still drivable (since I couldn't get out - a median was on one side and the other lanes of traffic was on the other. I was just sitting in the fast lane with my hazards on) and had me get off at the next exit, with not 1 or 2 but THREE police cars escorting me. :)

Despite being shaken up, I was okay, so I drove to school and got there about an hour late. I was really out of it all day at school, but the class was very concerned. We even took a "field trip" out to look at the damage since I had told them there was a huge hole in my car. One student just said, "YOU can DRIVE? YOU have a CAR?" He thought I walked to school each day. :P

Now we have a rental car, and I bought some bus tickets because there is no way I am driving in the snow for a while. I am way too scared.  When I took a job that required 17 miles of traveling each way every day, I suppose the chances of an accident happening went up. I don't doubt, however, that I was greatly blessed and protected. Thank goodness we pray for my safety every single morning in our couple prayers!

HAVE YOU HEARD? Where the old DT buildings were, an extension of Heritage Halls is being built. Right now they are doing construction on one girl's building and one boy's. All I've heard about them is how NICE they are going to be. They are set to be completed on August 1st, and they've asked Russ to move up there and be the Hall Advisor. So, that is our current plan. I must admit that even though I am tired of living with freshman, I am VERY excited to think of living in the brand new apartments. I haven't seen a floor plan, but Russ thinks it's 2 bedrooms on the 2nd floor and he'll have an office on the 1st floor. After living in our 230 square foot apartment for over 2 years, I don't know what we'll do with all that space! :P

In other - less exciting - news, thank you for voting in my poll! By the time I got around to ordering, the only one left in my size was this one:
I really like it, and it was the one I liked the best originally when I made the poll. It didn't win in the poll, but it is really cute and fits perfectly. I recommend that website to anyone


Jason and Lissa said...

Hahahaha, Two-face!

Ooohhh, that does look nice. No one's going to want to live in the old Heritage anymore!

Enjoy that swimsuit--this might be the last summer you'll fit into it. ;)

Megan said...

I'm glad you are safe even if the car is a little worse for wear. And I was wondering how you were feeling about the move up there. I'm glad you're excited!

Garrett and Krystal said...

Yikes! That is scary about your accident. Glad you're okay. (That is too funny that one of your students was so surprised that you drove! :)