Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Russ the Hall Advisor

I must admit that this year as the freshman have returned to the dorms, I have been less than thrilled. They look younger, are louder, and ALL seem to have cars. We have to permanently cone our parking spot. So every time I'm stuck in traffic because the students are back or someone does something annoying in the name of showing off, I just tell Russ that I am ready to leave Heritage Halls whenever he is.

That being said, Russ really is a great Hall Advisor. He's a great manager of people. He goes out of his way to make people feel special and get to know them. He has a knack for "educating" those who break the rules without being mean. He also always gives people the benefit of the doubt.

Now. Here's the good part. A story. Yesterday several apartments were robbed. I can't say "broken into" because people were actually in the apartments at the time, but just had their doors unlocked and figured the strangers walking in were with one of their roommates (naive BYU). Anyway, so today Shawnne (Russ's associate hall advisor) called Russ after 2 guys today were trying to get into apartments in her building! So Russ and I (yes, I wanted to see the action) went out there and saw the two guys. They looked so suspicious. Tattoos, long hair, not to mention guiltily looking over their shoulder every 30 seconds at Russ, who passed them like he was just on his way somewhere.

Well, I decided to follow them to see where they were going while Russ acted like he was going into the Central Building. As soon as they thought Russ was gone, they changed direction from leaving Heritage to heading straight for Maeser Hall. That's when Russ came over and asked them how he could help them. They said they were out of town and wanted a tour. Suuuuurrreee. Russ just said, "Oh, well, let me walk you over to the Central Building then." About that time, the police rolled up (thank goodness Shawnne had already called them). Russ informed the officers that it was okay, they just wanted a tour, but the officers wanted to talk to them anyway. When they said they didn't have any ID, the police talked to them more, thinking that was suspicious.

About that same time, a guy came running out of another hall (didn't even have shoes on) to where Shawnne and I were, admittedly, watching through the bushes. The resident said his laptop and backpack were JUST stolen.. while he was in his kitchen eating dinner. I told him the guy they police were talking to was wearing a backpack, and Shawnne said that he didn't have one when she first saw him. What do you know? The guy was wearing the stolen backpack. The police arrested them on site and then the next hour or so were spent down at the police station while Russ filled out paperwork.

Crazy story. It's times like that when I'm glad Russ is a Hall Advisor. He handled everything really well, and he wasn't scared to go face these two criminals (one of them has 4 warrants out for his arrest). He was basically a hero today. :)

In other news, my first day of kindergarten is tomorrow. I'm nervous but feel prepared. Time to get my last few things ready, read MOCKINGJAY (:D) and go to bed!


Amanda Impett said...

That's what's great about Russ he can keep his cool and he's got a great personality. I'm glad it all worked out and that no one was hurt.

Jason and Lissa said...

Go Russ! But man, talk about not-so-smart thieves and even less smart freshmen!

Chris and Mary said...

Wow! Crazy! Russ is the man! That's scarily exciting that you got to witness all that firsthand.
My brother wants to stop by and say hello to you guys; keep an eye out for him haha

Michele said...

haha what a crazy story! i just got mockingjay today! can't wait to start.

Nola said...

Russ is a great HA!!! I just read about that story on KSL and was hoping it was the former BYU student that has a theft ring established, but no such luck. I am glad they caught those guys though! Hopefully more Provo people will lock their doors.
Good luck at Kindergarten.

Wendy said...

love that Russ was identified as a resident - but we all know better.